Attack Your Local Police Act HB163 - Considered by Illinois General Assembly

To be considered by the Illinois General Assembly:

Attack Your Local Police Act


It is difficult to count all the ways in which House Bill 163 (which we are renaming the “Attack Your Local Police Act”) is a victory of destructive ideology over sound government.  

The Bill was introduced by Democrats in the General Assembly’s lame-duck session with the hope of quick passage before the public could realize that the bill will severely damage law enforcement throughout Illinois and place additional financial burdens on municipalities that are already utterly broke. As far as we can fathom from this 611-page tirade of police hatred, it will:


  • Eliminate cash bail, meaning dangerous offenders will simply be released to prey again;
  • Prohibit police use of force in almost all situations;
  • Make officers criminally liable for virtually any use of force;
  • Mandate felony charges against police officers for minor issues; 
  • Remove prohibitions against obstructing police officers performing their duty;
  • Eliminate funding for law enforcement agencies;
  • Increase continuing education requirements on towns and cities with no money designated to pay for the increased costs;
  • Mandate the use of body cameras by all departments for every officer across the state, with no money designated to pay for the cost.


Plus, it will call for defunding of departments in any municipality that does not comply with these draconian provisions. Why anyone would risk being a police officer in the state of Illinois after passage of this bill is beyond us. 

What is ironic about the bill is that it comes from the Black Caucus, representing the communities most torn by murder and violence, when the police are the last line before a collapse to even more widespread carnage and crime. It makes us wonder whether these Representatives value the best wishes of street gangs and race-based activists over the best interests of people in their districts who simply want peace on their streets and safety for their children.  We urge voters to see that this bill is a sop to radical extremists, not a bill to increase safety in any community. All citizens must call or email their State Senators and IL House Representatives to reject this bill.  

We implore Mayor Lightfoot to put the security and safety needs of the citizens and businesses of Chicago first, by adamantly opposing this destructive piece of legislation. We demand to know her position. 



Demand Madigan Resign






  • We are seeing enough fraud and voting irregularities that we believe is impacting the outcome of the election.
    • If every legal vote is counted, and every illegal vote rejected, then President Trump will be the uncontested winner of the election.
  • We are fighting to uphold the Constitution and ensure trust and confidence in our elections—to those asking what is our motive, we would ask how much fraud is okay or acceptable in an election? How many dead people should be allowed to vote?
  • It is crucial that we avail ourselves of all of these legal avenues in the name of upholding the integrity of our electoral system—not just for the presidential race, but all other forthcoming elections, like the upcoming January Senate runoff in Georgia.
  • Since election night, we have conducted investigations, deployed people on the ground to gather evidence, compiled sworn affidavits, and put all of this information in the form of lawsuits.
    • There are different systems in each state, and Rudy Giuliani is helping the President oversee all of these different aspects of our legal efforts.
    • We are managing a national team of lawyers all over the country, and are working together to manage the full scope of everything we are seeing, from fraud to irregularities, and from recounts to audits.
  • It is our goal that no state certifies any results with improper ballot counts.
    • Not all of these lawsuits have been brought by the campaign—some have been brought by other individuals, groups, or officials.
    • Some of these cases have been dismissed for lacking standing, and the mainstream media is mischaracterizing these dismissals as campaign losses—this is completely inaccurate.
  • We are still working to ensure states do not certify improper ballot counts so we can have our legal opportunity in court to present evidence of fraud, irregularities, and officials who have disregarded state law.
    • It is important to note that these cases are about stopping the certification results—they are not evidentiary hearings where we will present our evidence of fraud and irregularities.
    • These are lawsuits so we will get the opportunity to present our evidence.
    • We have seen fraud, we have seen irregularities, and we have seen elected officials substituting their own opinions on election laws which they cannot do.


    • One of our suits—in the federal courts—is an argument against a motion to dismiss our call to stop certifying results. Again, this was not an evidentiary hearing.
    • The Judge there has asked us to submit our opposition brief, which he will consider in the coming day and make his ruling.
    • If he does grant the motion to dismiss, we can appeal that.
    • An issue we are facing in these courts as well are appointed judges who are vocally opposed to President Trump’s administration and our efforts to uphold electoral integrity.
    • In Wayne County, the county certification board initially refused to certify the results of the election there as they found that 71% of precincts had irregularities when comparing the number of ballots to the number of voters on the rolls.
    • Unfortunately, the Republicans on the board were subject to attacks, intimidation, and harassment from the radical left, and they agreed to certify the results as long as there was an audit.
      • The issue with this is that the audit would be conducted by the Michigan Secretary of State, a Democrat and opponent of President Trump.
    • There is a way for the Michigan State Legislature to order and oversee their own audit, and 40 state legislators have signed onto a letter laying out their complaints.
    • We have just filed for a recount in two counties in Wisconsin.
    • This is not a full statewide recount, but focused on two counties where massive voting irregularities occurred.
    • We filed a lawsuit in Nevada contesting 40,000 votes.
    • It is clear that Nevada was fundamentally unprepared to manage the massive numbers of ballots.
    • In the last 90 days before Election Day, Nevada changed their system to automatically mail a ballot to every voter on the voter rolls.
    • Unsolicited ballots were sent all across the state—Nevada had 8.5 times more mail-in ballots in 2020 than in 2016.
      • Clark County had 10x as many mail-in ballots than in 2016.
    • Election officials were not prepared for this massive influx, and could not manage the signature verification process.
    • They used a software called Agilis to verify signatures, but it was found to not be reliable, and was even put on a lower acceptance threshold, meaning signatures that did not match were deemed to be matching.
    • We are now up to 9,000 ballots that have been found to have not been counted.
    • We are still availing ourselves of every legal avenue.
    • There is a difference between a recount and an audit:
      • In a recount, ballots are often just re-run through counting machines.
      • What is critical is an audit, where we can investigate election software and voting machines, match signatures, check addresses and voter rolls, etc.
      • We already know that Dominion voting machines in Michigan flipped 6,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden, and we need a court order in Georgia to be able to inspect these machines in Georgia.
    • We are monitoring and confirming reports of more voting irregularities here, and there is a possibility for a recount.

Chicago GOP: "This Foxx Acts More Like A Scared Rabbit!"

Judge Pat O’Brien has run a fair campaign for Cook County State’s Attorney, pointing out the many failures of Kim Foxx in keeping our cities and counties safe as she pursues her own theories of social justice by releasing rioters, failing to prosecute felons and dismissing charges against Jussie Smollett.  Given the controversies of her term, Foxx’s cynical decision to refuse further debates with Pat O’Brien is not only a move born of panic as O’Brien closes in the polling, it is a stark insult to the voters of this city.  

“Every single voter needs to know that she is hiding,” stated Chicago GOP Chairman Steve Boulton.  “How is she going to have the courage to face felons and killers in courtrooms when she can’t even face Judge Pat O’Brien?”  

After months of what even liberal columnist Eric Zorn called “raging at those who tell the truth” about her conduct in allowing Smollett to walk away; after calling criticism over the horrific murders and violence in Chicago “dishonest blame games”; and after employing dishonestly narrow definitions to avoid recognizing the dozens of cases in which those released under her “affordable bail” concept have committed violent crimes, Foxx has decided to run and hide rather than face the voters, even as Chicago suffered the most murderous September in 25 years.  

“This Foxx acts more like a scared rabbit on the run,” commented Boulton.  “Is she a servant of the public, or just her mentor, Toni Preckwinkle?” 



Is CPS A Radical Political Organization Or An Ideological Enforcement Outfit?

CHICAGO GOP: “It is hard to decide whether CPS has become a radical political organization or an ideological enforcement outfit straight out of North Korea,”

Having received complaints from parents of Chicago schoolchildren, today the Chicago Republican Party decried the attempts of Chicago Public Schools to inject Critical Race Theory into private homes across Chicago with a “Say Their Names Tookits” to parents without any request or invitation in reaction to last week's Breanna Taylor grand jury decision. 

“It is outrageous that CPS would be arrogant enough to seek to direct parents on how to ‘talk to their children”, especially when the package is nothing short of an ideological indoctrination course,” said Chairman Steve Boulton.  “We need many conversations about race in America today, but this radical view is not constructive.”

The “toolkit” is attached to a mass email to parents from “Chicago Public Schools” signed by CEO Janice Jackson.  The “Tookit” is directed to just one issue, “anti-racism” and initially refers parents to a piece in which describes teaching as “an act of resistance” while asserting that teachers “stand in a powerful and political position” while describing how topics like literature, history and science all must be turned to the topic of racial history.  

The toolkit contains links to no less than 50 different publications, all of which focus on only one topic, racism, with documents such as “The American Nightmare,” “Violent Protests Are Not the Story, Police Violence Is”;  “Ending Curriculum Violence”, “Teaching Young Children About Bias”; “The Urgent Need Media for Anti-Racist Education.”  It also contains a link to a New York Times “timeline” on the Breanna Taylor shooting that conveniently omits a crucial fact from the press conference of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron:  at least one witness confirmed that the police did announce the raid and was it was not “no knock.” 

“It is hard to decide whether CPS has become a radical political organization or an ideological enforcement outfit straight out of North Korea,” stated Boulton.  “Either way, CPS needs fundamental reform from top to bottom to concentrate on education, not socio-political theories of its leadership.”   



Republican Congressman....In Chicago? Polls Show It Could Happen


GOP Congressional Candidate Mike Fricilone Within Striking Distance of Extreme Leftist Democrat Marie Newman in IL-03

GOP State’s Attorney Candidate Judge Pat O’Brien Shows Incredible Strength Throughout Chicago & Cook County, Positively Affecting GOP Candidates in other races 


A new poll by Ogden & Fry, taken September 7 and released today - forty-four days before the November 3 election - shows incredible gains made by GOP candidates in the month of August. Most impressive is the IL-03 race between GOP congressional candidate Mike Fricilone and Socialist Democrat Marie Newman. The Ogden & Fry poll, commissioned by the Cook County Republican Party, shows Fricilone within the 3.6 point margin of error, down to Newman by basically two points, 46.1% to 43.9%, with 10% undecided.

“The poll released today shows what we already have known since the primary election, Socialist Marie Newman doesnt share the values of the residents of the 3rd Congressional District. Her agenda is ripped directly from the most extreme members of the Washington progressive left including AOC and Bernie Sanders,” stated Fricilone.

“She wants to raise taxes on everyone who pays them, she wants to defund the police, she wants a Medicare-for-all plan that will more than double our current federal spending, and her crazy green new deal doesnt even have the support of a majority of Democrats. My solutions are focused on representing the people of our community, cutting taxes, reforming our healthcare system, and having a realistic energy policy,” added the Will County Commissioner.

The voters in the 3rd Congressional District want someone representing them that shares their values; I am that candidate. I welcome the support of Republicans, open-minded Democrats, and independent voters in the 3rd District who want to move our community forward,” 

The Ogden & Fry poll also sampled the Cook County State’s Attorney’s race within IL-03. Republican Judge Pat O’Brien continues to rapidly gain strength and incredible voter identification since August, garnering 57.9% approval in the district over incumbent State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who achieved a poll number of 30.7%, with 11.4% undecided. 

This separation between State’s Attorney candidates matches an earlier poll taken by Ogden & Fry on September 6 on Chicago’s Northwest Side and nearby suburbs around O’Hare Airport (IL Senate 10) showing O’Brien leading Foxx, 55.3% to 33.1% with 11.6% undecided. Also noteworthy is newly vulnerable incumbent Democrat State Senator Robert Martwick’s 6 point lead - 46.3% to 39.7% - over GOP challenger Anthony Beckman, with 14% of the district undecided.

Ogden & Fry, an Illinois polling firm, conducted a five-question poll on Monday September 7, 2020, districtwide with 759 respondents. The IL Senate 10 poll was conducted on Sunday, September 6. Respondents for both polls were selected by random sampling of likely 2020 General Election voters. The margin of error for both polls is +/- 3.63% at the 95% confidence interval. 




Chicago GOP "Democrats, We Told You So!"

September 2, 2020


Today the Chicago Republican Party rejected Mayor Lightfoot’s assertion that “catastrophic collapse” alone caused the staggering $1.2 billion deficit facing the City of Chicago.  Even Democrat Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas has now suggested a coming collapse in commercial real estate due to a lack of paying commercial tenants.  

“Our economy didn’t just collapse, Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker killed it,” said Chairman Steve Boulton.  “Wanting to avoid any personal blame for any deaths, they shut things down.  But you can’t shut an economy for months, kill off small businesses right and left, leave commercial real estate owners with no businesses paying rent, and not expect this.  We will be paying the economic price for their political cover for the rest of our lives.”   

But the current crisis is just the final step on a Democrat road to ruin, Boulton emphasized.  The stage was set by the overspending in Springfield and Chicago, complete fiscal irresponsibility in overpromising and underfunding on government pensions and a general hostility to commercial business that has marked the last decades of one party rule.  

“In a way, all the pandemic has done is speed our arrival to the inevitable day of financial reckoning,” Boulton stated. “The fiscal chickens are finally coming home to roost, and they are the size of 747s.”   

The Republican Party has been opposing the fiscal irresponsibility of the City right down the line, Boulton stated.

“Democrats, we told you so! The only answer is to pursue prosperity and a revitalized tax base.  But that will never happen with socialist Democrats in control. The ‘City that Works’ no longer will, until fundamental change is imposed by the voters at the ballot box.”