Chicago is a city under siege from crime. We recognize the unfortunate past relationship of Chicago minority communities with elements of the Chicago Police Department. However, law  and order cannot be sacrificed in hope of redress of past wrongs. Chicagoans in all neighborhoods want effective policing, not less police. They want professional policing from the CPD, not the “political policing” that is now being installed by the City government.

To promote professional policing, repeal of the recently passed Ordinance on the structure of CPD oversight is required to avoid creation of a monstrous and ineffective elected police commission, adding 66 new elected officials to the 3 Chicagoans currently elect. This new structure is not only unwieldy, but it will also contribute to further politicization of policing.  

We call for adoption of a new structure as follows: 

  • Five member police commission appointed by mayor. Police commissioners receive no compensation. 
  • Commissioners appointed to staggered terms. 
  • Commissioners can be removed but can appeal removal to the city council. 
  • Police Superintendent chosen by mayor from three candidates put forward by commission. 
  • Police Superintendent can only be removed by the police commission or the city council, not the mayor. 
  • Give an Executive Director of the police commission the budget and staff to provide effective oversight of the department. The commission and its executive director should  work closely with the department to comply with the existing policing consent decree. 
  • Police commission hires the executive director  
  • Replace the functions of both COPA and the Chicago Police Board with the police commission and a police inspector general. Move the police inspector general from the city IG office to reporting to the commission. 
  • Make the position of Corporation Counsel an elected position, not appointed by or reporting to the mayor. 
Steve Boulton


Speaking Republican truth to power in Chicago.