Chicago Republican Party Chairman, Steve Boulton - EMAIL 

1st Ward, Rich Scumaci III

2nd Ward, Eloise Gearson - March 19 Candidate: C.J. Gallo

3rd Ward, Al Rasho

4th Ward, Dale Charletta - March 19 Candidate: Paul McKinley

5th Ward, March 19 Candidate: Tyler Shasteen

6th Ward, March 19 Candidate: Charles Earl Williams 

7th Ward, March 19 Candidate: Dave Lottich

8th Ward, Lynn Franco 

9th Ward, Wayland Johnson 

10th Ward, March 19 Candidate: Yolanda DeAnda

11th Ward, Mike Bendas - Executive Director 

12th Ward, Dr. Natalian Bolton  

13th Ward, David Krupa 

14th Ward, Vacant

15th Ward, Rosa Pritchett  

16th Ward, Leonard Griffin

17th Ward, Vacant

18th Ward, Devin Jones 

19th Ward, Steve Graves - March 19 Candidate: Declan Smith

20th Ward, Vacant

21st Ward, Latasha Fields - March 19 Candidate: Ronnie Fields

22nd Ward, Julian Aguilar - March 19 Candidate: Lupe Castillo

23rd Ward, Jesus Solario

24th Ward, Vacant

25th Ward, Evan Kasal 

26th Ward, JD Sloat 

27th Ward, Mark Spognardi - Recently deceased 

28th Ward, Chris Myers 

29th Ward, Walter Adamczyk 

30th Ward, Edward Karecki 

31st Ward, Ramona T. Bonilla-Anaiel 

32nd Ward, Steve Boulton 

33rd Ward, March 19 Candidate: Jason Proctor

34th Ward, March 19 Candidate: Chris Myers

35th Ward, March 19 Candidate: Gladys Tanchez

36th Ward, Vacant

37th Ward, March 19 Candidate: Velda Brunner

38th Ward, Chuck Hernandez 

39th Ward, Barry Bebart 

40th Ward, Dan Kelley

41st Ward, Ammie Kessem 

42nd Ward, Kurt Fujio  

43rd Ward, Brian Kasal

44th Ward, Laura Kotelman 

45th Ward, Kerri Urbanski - March 19 Candidate: Estela B. Richards

46th Ward, Recently Vacant due to a career move out of Chicago

47th Ward, Gary Mandell 

48th Ward, Vacant

49th Ward, James Hazard 

50th Ward, Joseph Tamaraz 

Some committeeperson positions are marked VACANT as we are waiting the result of Chicago Board of Election hearings for ballot access. There are others who expressed an interest after the December 4 filing deadline who will be vetted and then recommended for appointment by the Cook GOP Chair. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in an open committeeman position or serving as a Republican precinct captain in any of Chicago's 50 wards.