Chicago Republican Party Chairman, Steve Boulton - [email protected] 


1st Ward, Rich Scumaci III - [email protected]

2nd Ward, Eloise Gearson - [email protected] 

3rd Ward, Prospective Candidate being vetted 

4th Ward, Lori Yokoyama - [email protected]

5th Ward, Prospective Candidate being vetted

6th Ward, Vacant 

7th Ward, Vacant

8th Ward, Lynn Franco - [email protected] 

9th Ward, Wayland Johnson - [email protected] 

10th Ward, Prospective Candidate being vetted

11th Ward, Mike Bendas - Executive Director - [email protected] 

12th Ward, Dr. Natalian Bolton - [email protected] 

13th Ward, David Krupa - [email protected] 

14th Ward, Vacant

15th Ward, Rosa Pritchett - [email protected] 

16th Ward, Prospective Candidate being vetted

17th Ward, Vacant

18th Ward, Devin Jones - [email protected] 

19th Ward, Steve Graves - [email protected] 

20th Ward, Vacant

21st Ward, Latasha Fields - [email protected] 

22nd Ward, Julian Aguilar - [email protected]

23rd Ward, Jesus Solario - [email protected] 

24th Ward, Vacant

25th Ward, Evan Kasal - [email protected] 

26th Ward, JD Sloat - [email protected] 

27th Ward, Mark Spognardi - [email protected] 

28th Ward, Chris Meyers - [email protected] 

29th Ward, Walter Adamcyzk - [email protected] 

30th Ward, Edward Karecki - [email protected] 

31st Ward, Ramona T. Bonilla-Anaiel - [email protected] 

32nd Ward, Steve Boulton - [email protected] 

33rd Ward, Prospective candidate being vetted

34th Ward, Vacant

35th Ward, Prospective Candidate being vetted

36th Ward, Jonathon Serrano - [email protected] 

37th Ward, Vacant

38th Ward, Chuck Hernandez - [email protected]

39th Ward, Barry Bebart - [email protected] 

40th Ward, Dan Kelley - [email protected]

41st Ward, Ammie Kessem - [email protected] 

42nd Ward, Rich Gordon - [email protected] 

43rd Ward, Brian Kasal - [email protected]

44th Ward, Laura Kotelman - [email protected] 

45th Ward, Kerri Urbanski - [email protected] 

46th Ward, Andrew Bakker - [email protected]

47th Ward, Prospective candidate being vetted 

48th Ward, Vacant

49th Ward, James Hazard - [email protected] 

50th Ward, Joseph Tamaraz - [email protected] 


We are currently vetting personnel for prospective committeepersons in various wards and following up on inquiries for any current vacancies. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in an open committeeman position or serving as a Republican precinct captain in any of Chicago's 50 wards.