Did You Realize We're Currently Voting in Chicago?

In case you've not been paying attention to the news, Early Voting for the March 19 Illinois Presidential Primary started on Monday, March 4, when the 52 Early Voting polling places in Chicago opened at 9:00am (until 6pm each weekday). Saturdays are 9:00am to 5:00pm & Sundays are 10:00am to 4:00pm

Each ward has an Early Voting site, while there is also Early Voting at the Super Site, located at 191 Clark St., as well as at the Chicago Board of Elections at 69 W. Washington St, and at three Chicago City College campuses from March 12 -14.

If you live in Chicago, but are not registered to vote in the city, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The only way WE can expect change is for Chicago Republican residents to go to the polls and pull a Republican ballot! You can update your registration at any of the Early Voting sites, so do that first AND THEN, ask for a Republican ballot.

Thus far, lines at polling places have been non-existent, so there is literally no waiting now that some of Monday's 'opening day kinks' have been worked out (there were very few, actually)!

Did you want to sign up to vote by mail to "Bank Your Vote"? You have until March 14 to apply, but you'll have to turn your ballot around and drop it off or get it in the mail by 5:00pm on March 19. Sign up to Vote By Mail here.

While the iconic Chicago maxim of "Vote Early, Vote Often" had once influenced Chicago elections to be the cause for an undercover task force investigation by the Chicago Tribune that discovered massive voter fraud back in the 1970's, we DO encourage you to plan your vote and VOTE EARLY, especially if you've never participated in a Republican Primary. 

The Republican Party in Chicago & Cook County has some excellent candidates running countywide and in IL House & IL Senate districts, and also for Congress. No doubt, you will find that there are a few 'blanks' on the Republican ballot for some races. Be aware that we are working hard to fill those candidate slots with a slating process with some energetic and enthusiastic prospective candidates who have come forward in recent weeks. We're also hopeful to be slating some Judge candidates in the coming weeks! Any candidates who are slated, achieve the necessary signature requirements (and survive the objection and challenge period where Democrats try to bounce them off the ballot), will appear on your ballot in November.

You can vote now at ANY of the Early Voting sites and - despite urban myth - you CAN get a Republican ballot in Chicago at any of the of the city-wide polling places, DO NOT let anyone tell you otherwise (if they do, report them to us immediately - [email protected]).

Get out there, celebrate your freedom & honor those who have fought in a war for your right to choose!