Was it so long ago that our Governor said that he would make Illinois “a firewall against Donald Trump's assaults on our democracy”? Oh, how times have changed. Illinoisan now know the real threat to democracy here in the Prairie State: the Democratic Party of Illinois, led by J.B. Pritzker.  

In 2022, Republican candidates on the ballot for the General Assembly from Chicago rose from 4 to almost 30. Many of those were slated after the 2022 Primary, more out of limited resources than lack of interest, as candidates must get signatures even if slated after the Primary and there are only so many volunteers, so some acted in the Fall, some in the Spring. Seeing a similar pattern approach for the 2024 election, as well as the new Republican shift in the minority wards of Chicago, the Democrats in Springfield have demonstrated that they will attack “democracy” at any time and in any way to maintain their corrupt power. They passed a bill to cut off slating after the Primary, blocking both Republican candidates and the people’s right to choose. 

Despite his stating that Illinois was a firewall for democracy, and despite the bill being both constitutionally suspect and an ugly exercise of partisan politics. Governor Pritzker signed the bill. This Governor can never again portray himself a defender of democracy. 

Hypocrisy, thy name is Pritzker!  


Steve Boulton


Speaking Republican truth to power in Chicago.