In the latest example of totalitarian suppression of free speech by Big Tech in our society, has removed from its site a petition sponsored by the Chicago Republican Party that did no more than seek reversal of a policy of CPS on allowing males to use the girls’ bathroom in public schools.  

“ says on its site that it supports “free speech”, but their definition of the term is speech that comports with woke orthodoxy,” said Chairman Steve Boulton.  

The Petition had more than 3,200 signatures when taken down, showing support in the public domain.   

“The petition was discussed in the press and the number of signatures was rising fast, so they acted,” said Boulton, an attorney and longtime courtroom opponent of the Chicago Machine.  

“They said we violated their “community standards’, but when we looked at the standards our petition violated none of them. This act was not based on any violation of a community standard, but instead just a matter of suppression of an opposing viewpoint. That was Un-American.”

“If they think their suppression is going to make us stop, they are wrong,” Boulton stated.  “It just made us more certain that we are in the right.”  



Steve Boulton


Speaking Republican truth to power in Chicago.