Fighting against the two-party system has proven to be unsuccessful. While we need checks and balances, the result of this fight has brought us an even bigger conflict: polarization. Its been said just about a million times: this country is incredibly divided. The division is not actually in two but in four. Each party seems to be having internal struggles, trying to decide how much socialism” to add for the perfect recipe or whose party it actually is.

The outcome of this madness is not only numerous consequences at the expense of Americans, but it has also shaped our way of life. Chicago is the poster child for this “New American Way.” Gone are the days of our “melting pot,” as territorialism settled without time for a welcome party. City politics are isolated from the rest of the state, and excuses have been made for the abandonment of a Republican presence in Chicago politics. The Democrats have dominated the City of Chicago for as long as Chicagoans can remember. It’s their territory.

The time has come for a defining moment in Chicago politics. We can no longer kid ourselves that the majority of the city believes in true unity, while the actions of our elected leaders prove to be judgmental, territorial, exclusive and selfish.

Chicago is not a planet on its own. This big city has over 2.5 million residents, but that number is rapidly declining because the needs of the people are not being met. Their needs have been buried under this ugly fight, and for some reason, the best we can do to “fix” things is to raise taxes and issue more tickets? We don’t need to take a test drive on communism to know that it does not work, and it is definitely not what we need. Our city will get the best outcomes, the best innovation and the best policies from healthy debating of different ideas. The opposite action creates a one-sided rule—communism.

Citizens of this incredible city need to know help is on the way. Instead of focusing on the headlines and repetitious media stories that continue to fuel polarization, concentrate on the candidates and those in office who are willing and able to meet the needs of the people. We know how to navigate outside of the one-size-fits-all model. Additionally, Republicans have remained committed to their values, to the people and to the outcomes. Republicans have remained consistent, while Democrats are still putting people through an emotional rollercoaster, just like an abusive relationship. They are playing the game of giving a little and taking a lot, all with a smile on their faces. We were taught at a very young age to be cautious of those who claim to have sweet rewards for us if we just do what they say.

This is the defining moment for all of us here in Chicago. There is no doubt that change will cause a little discomfort, challenge our views and even change the way we have voted in the past. It’s time to stop blindly voting for a party and candidates that we are used to. It’s time for civilized dialogue. It’s time that Chicagoans were included in the real conversation that will redefine our incredible city. Every single one of us has a voice and has the power to turn Chicago around, to keep people living here, to keep them proud of our city and to encourage others to return to a thriving Chicago.


Monique Hoffman

3rd Ward Committeeperson

Monique Hoffman was appointed 3rd Ward Republican Committeeperson in January, 2021. She enters this office as the neighborhood Health and Life Insurance Broker, Chef, Nutritionist, and Advocate.

As Committeeperson, Monique is relentlessly determined to support the nearly 54,000 residents, as well as businesses, of the 3rd ward through action and engagement.

MoniQue Hoffman


Chicago 3rd Ward Committeeman | Vice Chair @southsidegop | Communications Professional | Health & Life #Insurance Broker | 📱 @moniqueforchicago 🇺🇸 #NAIFA