Chicago GOP slams Democrat's plan to raise city taxes in pension bill

June 9, 2014

Chicago GOP slams Democrat's plan to raise city taxes in pension bill

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Republican Party issued the following statement regarding the Chicago pension reform law signed by Gov. Pat Quinn today:

Once again, Democrats lead by raising taxes instead of delivering reform-based solutions. Â Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Gov. Pat Quinn and Democrat candidate for Treasurer Mike Frerichs have approved legislation that will raise property taxes and telephone taxes for every Chicago resident.

Now more than ever, we need a new direction the delivers solutions instead of taking more money from over-burdened taxpayers.

Chris Cleveland
312 339 2677 mobile

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Chicago GOP files five more candidates

June 4, 2014

Chicago GOP files five more candidates

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Republican Party has wrapped up its recruiting season, filing five more candidates for seats in the City of Chicago. This group is in addition to the eight candidates the Chicago GOP recruited last year.

IL House Speaker Mike Madigan's organization challenged the petitions of the Chicago GOP candidates last year and is expected to do so again. "Our petitions are strong," said Chris Cleveland, Chicago GOP spokesman. "We don't expect his challenges will succeed."

"The voters will have a choice this year, whether Mike Madigan likes it or not," said Cleveland.

The full list of candidates is here:

Vince Kolber - 5th Congressional District

An innovator in forming capital for the equipment needs of airlines, railroads and shippers, Vince founded RESIDCO in 1982 and has completed transactions putting and keeping thousands of railcars, locomotives and aircraft in service.  In doing so thousands of railroad, airline and logistics jobs are supported or have come about to keep these vital infrastructure assets in service growing our economy.  He has chaired the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association ("ELFA") Aviation and Fair Business Practices Committees and he speaks for and writes on behalf of the transportation capital industry.  Mr. Kolber holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS from Wharton. He is active in parochial school philanthropy through Sacred Heart and the Big Shoulders Foundation. He is a patron and has chaired St. Genevieve a mostly Hispanic K-8 School on Chicago's West side.  He is active in the Heritage Foundation and has served as Chairman of its Chicago Committee.  He serves on the boards of Little Sisters of the Poor, Open the Books and Truth in Accounting. Kolber has raised significant funding for the RNC and serves on the RNC's Finance Committee.

1,903 signatures filed (399% of minimum)

Erin Broderick - 3rd Senate

Erin is a bankruptcy attorney with Baker & McKenzie. She represents companies in bankruptcy and out-of-court restructurings. She graduated with honors from the University of Michigan law school. She holds leadership positions in a number of legal professional organizations, and volunteers in the community, serving as mentor to eighth graders in low-income school districts.

2,549 signatures filed (255% of minimum)

Greg Bedell - 15th Rep

Greg has served as a Staff Attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission and as an attorney in private practice. He is a 1982 graduate of the University of Chicago law school. He spent three years in Paris teaching U.S. constitutional and commercial law to French law students. Greg has volunteered with the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services organization. Working with less fortunate individuals, Greg has helped people facing challenges presented by drug abuse, debt and broken homes. He is a partner in the Loop law firm of Knabe, Kroning & Bedell.

1,500 signatures filed (300% of minimum)

Joseph Bembynista - 19th Rep

Joseph Bembynista has served in the U.S. Navy, as a Chicago police officer, and as an instructor at the City Colleges of Chicago. As both a beneficiary and a victim of the public pension system, he understands the problem and can get to the root cause to address pension reform head on. He supports term limits, and believes that we must control high taxes and wasteful programs.

1,138 signatures filed (228% of minimum)

Lynn Franco - 33rd Rep

Lynn Franco is a writer and entrepreneur. She has served in corporate roles at Illinois Bell, Price Waterhouse and Proctor and Gamble throughout Europe, South American, and the Caribbean. She founded an events planning company in Germany. She has served as a contractor in Iraq and Kuwait. She is fluent in German. She currently works at the University of Chicago. Her first novel will be ready for publication next year.

911 signatures field (182% of minimum)

Chris Cleveland
312 339 2677 mobile


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Internship - 2014 Summer Application

The Chicago Republican Party represents a broad diversity of people in the city, across geographical, racial, ethnic, and economic divides. What ties us together is the core belief that the people can govern themselves. It is the same belief that drew the founders to create this nation. We believe that government has become too large and powerful. We believe that in this city, the people have been forced to serve the government, not the other way around.

The Chicago Republican Party Internship Program will provide students and recent graduates with a hands-on learning experience. Each intern will participate in the political process and earn valuable hands-on experience. In addition to experience, those who complete the required hours will receive a letter of recommendation from Chairman Adam Robinson, you may also earn school credit*.

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Chicago GOP Election Night Party

Chicago Republican Party Chairman Adam Robinson
invites you to the
Chicago GOP Election Night Party
in partnership with the Chicago Young Republicans
and the Illinois Republican Party
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A Republican American Idol, Season 2

The Chicago Republican Party will launch a new candidate recruitment campaign tomorrow (Friday, March 7) entitled “A Republican American Idol, Season 2”. The campaign is designed to attract candidates to run for state legislature in the City of Chicago.

Last year, the Chicago GOP ran an “American Idol”-style process for recruiting and selecting candidates. The 150 people who responded were asked to fill out a questionnaire and then stand before a committee to make their case. 18 of them were approved and subsequently filed petitions to be on the ballot.

Chicago Republican Party Files an Unprecedented 18 Candidates

Tomorrow, the Chicago GOP will launch “Season 2” of the campaign. Under the law, the Republican Party can designate candidates to be on the ballot in districts that have vacancies. The process can officially begin after the primary. After the party has designated a candidate, the candidate must get 500 signatures on a petition before June 2, 2014.

“We’re determined to fill as many ballot positions as possible,” said Chicago GOP spokesman Chris Cleveland. “We recruited an outstanding crop of candidates in the last round, and we’re looking forward to meeting a new group of hopefuls.”

The campaign will consist of robocalls, emails, social media placements, and general press releases.

Click here to be a candidate.

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Yes, there are black Republicans in Chicago

From the Chicago Reader:



A handful of Chicagoans will go to the polls on March 18 and do something remarkable: they will ask for a Republican ballot.

Only 15 percent of Chicago voters in the 2012 primaries went with the GOP. That was up from less than 9 percent in 2010.

In the city's African-American wards, a Republican vote is even more extraordinary. In 2010, for example, 5,700 Democratic ballots were cast in the 28th Ward on the west side—and just 50 Republican ballots. In the south-side 17th Ward, 7,193 voted Democratic and 58 voted Republican.

"With blacks, it's like, your mother was a Baptist, so you're a Baptist; your mother was a Democrat, so you're a Democrat," Darnell Macklin says.

Macklin hopes to help change this inclination. Since 2012 he's been the GOP committeeman of the 6th Ward, an office he won by amassing 62 votes, crushing his main opponent, Jackie Robinson, who got 29. "My true affinity has always been with the Republicans," Macklin says. "I've been thinking like one all my life. I came home in the last 15 years."



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A new video, Chicago GOP in the news

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Video: Chicago GOP press conference

Courtesy of CAN-TV:

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Chicago Republican Party Files an Unprecedented 18 Candidates

The Chicago Republican Party announced today that it had filed petitions for 18 candidates in 16 districts for the state legislature. The last of the petitions were filed in Springfield early this afternoon.

Earlier this year, the Chicago GOP launched an unprecedented effort to recruit, train, and get signatures for Republican candidates across the city. 146 people responded to a marketing campaign looking for Republican candidates in some of the toughest districts in the country. Of those, 17 candidates made it through an "American Idol"-style vetting process and obtained the necessary signatures to get on the ballot.

"Many Chicago Democrats will face a Republican opponent for the first time in their careers," said Chicago GOP spokesman Chris Cleveland.

"We expect that Madigan will launch a full-on legal attack against our petitions," said Cleveland. "It's much cheaper to use lawyers to crush an opponent than to run an actual campaign."

"We're ready for him, though. We're prepared to mount a fully-funded legal defense of our candidates. And if he does succeed with knocking any of our candidates off the ballot, we're prepared to re-slate them in the spring."

The Chicago GOP will hold a press conference early next week to introduce the candidates. Full bios and other candidate information will be released later this week.

The candidates:

Name District/ Race
Antonio Mannings 02nd Rep
Collin Johnson 05th Rep
Tondalaya Nelson  06th Rep
Myles Tobin 09th Rep
Mark Calonder 10th Rep
Jon Hartmann 13th Rep
Denis Detzel 14th Rep
Brad Dahlgren 15th Rep
Evelyn Mazzucco 15th Rep
Vincent Romano 16th Rep
David Sarama 19th Rep
Felix Gonzalez 21st Rep
Coby Hakalir 26th Rep
Lynn Franco 33rd Rep
Mark Ekhoff 34th Rep
Fatimah Macklin 34th Rep
Victor Horne 35th Rep
Stefanie Linares  06th Sen
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We need you to “walk the talk” this Saturday, October 19!

Chicago and Illinois are a mess!  Tops in crime and unfunded pension obligations; in the toilet on jobs and fiscal sanity.  It’s very easy to look around and come to the conclusion that there’s nothing we can do to make things better.  If you think that, however, you’re just plain wrong!

YOU can help bring about a new political culture in our State -- by making democracy work and insuring that our State’s elected officials are accountable to the voters.   HOW?  By helping to get Republican candidates on the ballot for the Illinois General Assembly seats located right here in the City of Chicago!  We have recruited and approved 23 candidates here in the City.  Each one of them needs a MINIMUM of 500 valid registered voter signatures on their petition sheets to secure a spot on the ballot.  It’s not easy, but they are all working hard to get the job done AND THEY NEED YOUR HELP!

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