GOP Primary Debate Watch Party

Chicago GOP Chairman Chris Cleveland is hosting the second Republican debate watch party with the Chicago Young Republicans and the Chicago Northside Republicans at Mcgee's Tavern (950 W. Webster) on Wed., 9/16. The debate will be streamed live on CNN from the Reagan Library in California.

Debate starts at 7 pm, so we'll be there starting around 6:30 pm.

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New Chicago GOP Headquarters

The Chicago GOP has moved to a new location in Lincoln Park just minutes from the Fullerton Red Line stop. We are very excited and working hard to get Republicans from across the city on the ballot. Any and all donations in the form of furniture and/or office supplies is greatly appreciated. So stop by and say hello, our doors are open to all Republicans!

 2402 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60614

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Emergency: we have 24 hours to give away tickets to the presidential debate

Just now, the Chicago GOP managed to acquire a pair of tickets to the first presidential debate in Cleveland next week. Here's the problem: for security reasons, they need to have the names of the attendees no later than close of business tomorrow, Friday.

So we're running an emergency, 24-hour raffle to give away the pair of tickets. Make a donation to the Chicago GOP of $10 or more no later than noon tomorrow, Friday, and we'll put your name on the list to win.

While millions watch on TV, you'll be right there in the audience. Learn the truth from Ted Cruz. Hear the solution from Jeb Bush. Be unintimidated with Scott Walker. Share the dream with Marco Rubio. Bask in the presence of Donald Trump.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Cleveland isn't far away, and the first debate is always the biggest, the most important, and the most-watched of all the debates. You'll be there for the history-making turn of phrase, be it glorious or a gaffe. "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" "Well, there you go again." "You're no Jack Kennedy." "Who am I? Why am I here?" "I have binders full of women".

Donate to a good cause, and go to a great debate. And be sure to enter to win no later than noon tomorrow.

Chris Cleveland

P.S. Be sure to enter your phone number so we can call you if you win.

P.P.S. You won't have a problem getting a hotel room; there are some reserved rooms nearby.
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2015 Summer Internship Application

The Chicago Republican Party is currently accepting applications for the 2015 Summer Internship Program. What ties us together is the core belief that the people can govern themselves. It is the same belief that drew the founders to create this great nation. We believe that government has become far too large and inefficient while taxpayers are routinely brought to bear the cost of its failures. If you share our values of individualism and personal responsibility, we would like to hear from you.

The Chicago Republican Party Internship Program will provide students and recent graduates with a hands-on learning experience. Each intern will participate in the political process and earn valuable experience. In addition, those who complete the required hours will receive a letter of recommendation from Chairman Chris Cleveland and may also earn school credit*.

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Chris Cleveland Elected Chairman of the Chicago GOP

43rd Ward Republican Committeeman Chris Cleveland was elected Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party last night. The vote took place at the Parthenon in Greektown.

Under state law and the bylaws of the Chicago GOP, the Chairman is elected by the weighted vote of the Republican committeemen of the 50 wards in Chicago.

Cleveland replaces former Chairman Adam Robinson, who stepped down to focus on his business and his family. Robinson presided over a renaissance of the Republican Party in Chicago, which placed nine candidates on the ballot, raised the Republican vote in Chicago, and gathered widespread acclaim.

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Third Leadership Institute Training of 2015

Together, the Chicago Young Republican, and Chicago Republican Party hosted the Leadership institute this past Saturday, May 2nd.

This is the third in our 2015 Volunteer Workshop series, and covered Organizing at the Local level. JC Hernandez, Director of Grassroots Coalitions for the Leadership Institute delivered an amazing class covering Grassroots goals and objectives, Working with diverse communities, Grassroots mobilization & Voter registration drives. Guest lecturer Caitlin Huxely taught Recruiting and managing volunteers.

The Leadership Institute Volunteer Workshop Series covers a different topic every other month, and is free and open to all who wish to attend. It is perfect for everyone from first time volunteers to experienced candidates.

Photos after the break.

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First Training of the 2015 Series

On Saturday, January 10th, the Chicago Young Republicans, and the Chicago Republican Party joined forces to bring the first class of the 2015 Training Series.

Together, our organizations worked to bring experts trainers from the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA. JC Hernandez, Director of Grassroots Coalitions lead our Introduction to Volunteering, a basic Politics 101 for those interested in getting more involved after 2014! Guest Lecturer Collin Corbett taught Introduction to using Social Media.

Pictures from the class, after the break.

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Early voting available till November 2

There is no excuse to not vote in this year’s election! For the November 4, 2014 elections, Early Voting will take place from October 20 to November 2. You need only to fill out an application at the Early Voting site. Early Voting is conducted on touch screens that store every ballot style in the county, permitting any voter in suburban Cook to vote at any location.

Click here to view early voting hours and locations in Chicago.

Click here to view early voting hours and locations in suburban Cook County.

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2014 Chicago Candidate Fundraiser

The Chicago Republican Party invites you to a fundraiser benefiting our State Representative and Senate Candidates in Chicago:

Stefanie Linares - 6th Sen against John Cullerton

Collin Johnson - 5th Rep against Kenneth Duncan
Mark Calonder - 10th Rep against Pamela Reaves-Harris
Denis Detzel - 14th Rep against Kelly Cassidy
Greg Bedell - 15th Rep against John D'Amico
Coby Hakalir - 26th Rep against Christian Mitchell
Mark Ekhoff - 34th Rep against Elgie Sims, Jr.
Victor Horne - 35th Rep against Frances Ann Hurley

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Survey: Chicago Voters Willing to Consider a Republican for Mayor

August 20, 2014

Survey: Chicago Voters Willing to Consider a Republican for Mayor
GOP brand polls well in Aldermanic races, too

A new poll shows that a hypothetical Republican candidate for mayor of Chicago is only six points behind Karen Lewis while several incumbent Aldermen are struggling with low community support.

A poll conducted August 8-10 on behalf of the Chicago Republican Party tested the effect of adding a "qualified Republican" to the mix in the mayor's race and in a number of Aldemanic races. 

In the Mayoral race, Rahm Emanuel took 33.9%, Chicago Teacher's Union President Karen Lewis took 20.6%, and a "Qualified Republican" took 14.3% with 31.3% undecided.

"This is an anti-incumbent year," said Cleveland. "A strong Republican could make the runoff, and then anything could happen." Republicans have been elected Mayor in recent memory in other major American cities, including New York and San Diego.

"It's amazing that an unnamed, hypothetical Republican is only 6 points behind Karen Lewis and 15 points behind Rahm Emanuel," said Cleveland. "It's a real opportunity for Republicans."

In some wards an unnamed, hypothetical Republican was a strong contender for Alderman as well.

In Chicago's 43rd Ward, incumbent Michele Smith was the choice of 37.3% of voters, and a "Qualified Republican" was only 13 points behind with 23.6%, with 39.2% undecided.

In the 45th Ward, incumbent John Arena was the choice of only 26.9% of respondents, while Chicago Police Lieutenant John Garrido took 17.9%.

In other wards, the undecided vote was high enough that a Republican could be a contender. In the 2nd Ward, for example, a "Qualified Democrat" gained 34.7% of the respondents, a "Qualified Republican" gained 18.4%, with 46.9% undecided.

"Contrary to belief, voters in Chicago are open to a Republican if the right candidate emerges," said Chris Cleveland, 43rd Ward Republican Committeeman. "In the 43rd Ward, an unnamed, hypothetical, invisible Republican is running only 13 points behind the incumbent. The incumbent is below 40%, which usually means deep trouble. With a serious candidate and a little money, we're looking at a strong possibility of a win. In a general election, Republicans get 40% of the vote in the 43rd Ward."

The automated poll was conducted by Ogden & Fry. The Mayoral poll had a margin of error of +-2.9%. The margin of error in aldermanic polls was between 3.7% and 4.6%.

The raw data for the poll is here: Mayoral survey data, Aldermanic survey data, Poll questions

Chris Cleveland
312 339 2677 mobile

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