Chairman Robinson recaps Day 2 of the Convention

Despite having nearly all of the official RNC-scheduled agenda cancelled yesterday, the Illinois delegation still had an action-packed day!

Our delegation convened for our morning session with remarks from IL GOP Chairman Pat Brady, Treasurer Dan Rutherford, House Leader Tom Cross, and Senate Leader Christine Radogno.  The topic was Illinois politics and the message coming from party leadership was clear and consistent:  if we're going to change Illinois for the better, we need to fire Mike Madigan.  Optimism runs high this year as our state House and Senate candidates are giving us several solid pickup opportunities this November.

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Chairman Adam Robinson reports from Day 1 of the Republican National Convention

Day of the Republican National Convention was a busy one for the Illinois delegation.

After arriving throughout the day (some right before the storm hit!), we gathered at the hotel and set off for the opening event at Tropicana Field.  The kick-off event was nothing short of spectacular, with a live concert and performances from a variety of entertainers.  The Chicago GOP is well-represented here, with former Chairman Eloise Gerson serving as the Delegation Whip for our state, and a number of city-based delegates and alternates here in attendance.

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Cook GOP Launches Election Integrity Program

CHICAGO, IL – Cook County Republican Party Chairman Aaron Del Mar announced today the creation of the Cook County Election Integrity Committee. This committee, created in July, is focused on appointing Republican Election Judges to over 8000 Election Judge openings that must be filled before each election in Cook County and Chicago. About 40% of these positions have been vacant and remain to be filled before the November election.

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42nd Ward Committeeman Eloise Gerson Named Illinois Delegation Whip for GOP National Convention

Congratulations to Eloise Gerson, past Chicago GOP Chairman and current 42nd Ward Committeeman who was named the Whip for the Illinois Delegation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week. The Whip role places Eloise as the second ranking member of the delegation after Chairman Dan Rutherford, who is not only our State Treasurer but also the Chairman of the Romney Campaign in Illinois.

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Preckwinkle Owes An Apology

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle should apologize to the family of former President Ronald Reagan for saying he deserves "a special place in hell."

Such unprofessional language from an elected executive is highly inappropriate. Such words only add to the corrosive trend in our politics. 

President Preckwinkle failed to point out that every President since Reagan, including Barack Obama, has upheld and executed the nation's narcotics policy.

President Reagan was one of the nation's greatest leaders, guiding our nation from despair to optimism, from an economic malaise to wide spread prosperity and guiding free people away from the threat of Communism toward the light of liberty. Reagan's legacy of robust leadership reminds us of the traits that make great national leaders.

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The Chicago Republican Party is getting press. A lot of press.

The ChicagoGOP has been in the media over the past month. We've raised our visibility and gotten more coverage than we've had in many years.

When the Chick-fil-A issue hit, we decided that someone needed to speak out about Alderman Moreno's shameful, and illegal, conduct. As the opposition party, that "someone" needed to be us. And so it was. On July 26 we issued a press release saying that we planned to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office. The press responded immediately. We did an on-camera interview about it with ABC 7, and made the homepage.

We called a press conference for 10:00 am on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, and got it into the AP Daybook. The calls started at 4:00 am. After a quick live interview on WGN 720, and another on the WLS Don & Roma show at 6:50 am, I headed to City Hall for an on-camera interview with CBS News.

We'd gotten permission to hold the press conference right in City Hall itself, second floor, right outside City Council chambers. (After all, the unions frequently use this location for press conferences; why shouldn't we?) A full spread of television cameras were there, including almost all the major television stations in Chicago and several radio stations.

Suzanne Devane, Darnell Macklin, and I delivered prepared remarks. Adam Robinson and I took questions, including hostile ones. It came off without a hitch. We even attracted a protester from the other side, who conducted his own ad-hoc press conference.

We then walked across the street to the Thompson Center, with cameras following, to hand-deliver the complaint to Lisa Madigan's office. After a confrontation with a Madigan staffer, we went upstairs, delivered, and Adam did an interview. We were on Roe and Roeper in the afternoon.

The press covered the whole affair:

We even hit the big time: a mention on the home page of the Drudge Report.


The fallout from our media blitz continues. Now that the press knows we exist, they've been calling. I've done two segments on CLTV, one on Chick fil A and one on Obama's TV ad on contraception.

Hector Concepcion handled a debate, in Spanish, on a Bogata TV station.

We've gotten calls for comment on the Paul Ryan appointment. I did a quick interview on ABC 7, and Lori Yokoyama did interviews on four different television stations outside of Obama's house in Hyde Park.

We've also gotten inquiries from Japan and from the BBC.


I'd like to say thanks to 44th Ward Committeeman Scott Davis, who had the original idea for the complaint, 47th Ward Committeeman David Ratowitz, who wrote the complaint and did all the legal work, 49th Ward Committeeman Suzanne Devane who made much of the media blitz happen and delivered the message at the conference, 6th Ward Committeeman Darnell Macklin who spoke about Human Rights and gave us credibility, ChicagoGOP Chairman Adam Robinson, who took a risk and got behind the effort, and those committeemen (Carl Segvich, Bill Delay), who showed up and brought people to make it clear that yes, we're here, and we've got something to say.
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Bud Billiken Parade Photos

This Saturday, the Chicago Republican Party, and several of our candidates, marched in the 83rd annual Bud Billiken Parade. Thank you to everyone who made it out to march with us!

Photos can be seen here:

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ChicagoGOP in the Bud Billiken Parade!

The Bud Billiken Parade will be held this Saturday, August 11th, and the Cook and Chicago GOP are proud to field an official joint entry in this important event on behalf of our organizations. Please review the following information below and, if interested in participating, please follow the instructions included.

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Picture of the Day: Chicago GOP Files Moreno Complaint

Chicago GOP Files Moreno Complaint (Picture courtest of Chicago Tribune)Chairman Adam Robinson and Vice-Chairman Chris Cleveland, along with a host of Chicago GOP Committeemen and Republican candidates for office, faced a standoff with Attorney General Lisa Madigan's press team at the Thompson Center yesterday when Madigan's press team attempted to block access to the AG's office.  The Chicago GOP team ultimately prevailed, and the complaint was delivered directly to the AG's 12th floor office, press in tow.

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Press Conference Held, Complaint Delivered

The Chicago GOP held a press conference at City Hall today to discuss its complaint against Alderman Joe Moreno. It was well attended; half a dozen television stations, a few radio stations, and several print publications showed up. Three committeemen delivered prepared remarks; Chris Cleveland (43rd), Suzanne Devane (49th), and Darnell Macklin (6th). Chicago GOP Chairman Adam Robinson and Chris stood for questions. (See the text of the complaint, the statement of Chris Cleveland, the statement of Suzanne Devane and supporting documentation.) A dozen Republican committteemen attended along with supporters.

After the press conference a group of committeemen walked across the street to deliver the complaint to Lisa Madigan's office, accompanied by the press.

Pictures and video to follow.


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