Chicago Republicans get ready to run in 2014

From the Illinois Review:

CHICAGO - Chicago Republicans gathered at their Lincoln Park headquarters Saturday to rake in information on how to set up campaigns and get ready for the upcoming 2014 election season, starting after Labor Day 2013. 

"Republicans are alive and well in Chicago, and we're getting that information out," with coordinated efforts in local media and the Internet, Chicago GOP Communications Director Chris Cleveland said.

And all their work is paying off, if Saturday's turnout gives hint of the group's effectiveness. Candidates willing to get in Congressional, state legislature and county races were soaking up the information the Leadership Institute team offered.

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Chicago Republican Party calls for investigation into billboard deal, calls it "yet another parking meter mess"

The Chicago Republican Party called for a City Council investigation today of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed billboard contracts. As proposed, the 20-year deals would be yet another parking meter-style giveaway to a vendor in exchange for a small amount of upfront cash.

The Mayor's deal would:

  • Give away yet another of the city's assets for short term cash
  • Enrich another yet another vendor, who has already made a contribution to the Mayor's campaign
  • Create another unbreakable contract, saddling the city for years with a deal it can't renegotiate
  • Pollute the skyline, subjecting the city's drivers to distracting digital advertisements

"It's time for the Mayor and the Democrats to stop selling the city's assets just to get a little short-term cash," said Chris Cleveland, Chicago GOP spokeman. "The Democrats need to learn from the parking meter mess. What's it going to take for them to get a clue?"

"This new giveaway is especially galling, given the new revelations that the Mayor has taken donations from the billboard vendor, from red light camera vendors and from other city contractors. Is he looking to get another billboard payoff?" said Cleveland.

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New Internet Ad

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Chicago GOP to announce major initiative at City Hall tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, 10:30 am, City Hall, second floor, the Chicago Republican Party announces its major initiative for the year. We're going to run candidates across the city, and we're kicking off an advertising campaign to find them. House Republican Leader Tom Cross and Senator Matt Murphy will speak.

Everyone is invited.

The full press release is below.

Monday, June 3, 2013
Contact: Chris Cleveland, 312-339-2677,

Chicago Republican Party to launch very unusual recruiting campaign for candidates in Chicago

On Tuesday, June 4 the Chicago Republican Party will hold a press conference to announce an unprecedented advertising campaign, recruiting effort, and vetting process for candidates for the State Legislature in the City of Chicago.

Location:  City Hall, second floor
Date:        Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Time:        10:30 am

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Media Advisory: Chicago Republican Party to hold press conference, Tuesday, June 4, 10:30 am, City Hall

On Tuesday, June 4 the Chicago Republican Party will announce an unprecedented advertising campaign, recruiting effort, and vetting process for candidates for the State Legislature in the City of Chicago.

Speakers at the press conference will include House Republican Leader Tom Cross and Senator Matt Murphy. Several prominent Republicans will also be in attendance.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
10:30 am
Second floor, City Hall

Chris Cleveland
312-339-2677 mobile

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Chicago Republican Summer 2013 Internship

The Chicago Republican Party Internship Program will provide students and recent graduates with a hands-on learning experience. Each intern will participate in the political process and earn valuable hands-on experience. In addition to experience, those who complete the required hours will receive a letter of recommendation from Chairman Adam Robinson, you may also earn school credit*.

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Chicago Republican Party proposes vouchers, parent takeover of closing public schools

Today the Chicago Republican Party proposed letting parents take over closing Chicago public schools, and giving vouchers to kids who are displaced by the closings.

Under the "takeover plan" parents may submit proposals for taking over a closing school and turning it into a charter school. The process would be similar to the existing process for creating new charter schools.

If a school is not taken over, then the children should receive vouchers to attend any school, public or private, of their choice.

"Parents should be given a choice. If CPS can't turn a school around, then let the parents take over. If enough parents step up to the plate, they should be given a chance to keep their neighborhood school open," said Chris Cleveland, spokesman for the Chicago GOP.

Similar plans exist in several states. Seven states have "parent trigger" laws that allow parents to take neighborhood schools private. Parent trigger laws are under consideration in several more states.

In 2010 the New York Times reported that "Mayor Rahm Emanuel has promised to introduce similar regulations in Chicago if he wins his bid for mayor there. "

The Chicago GOP calls on the Mayor to follow through on his promise and let the parents have a say in their children's education.

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Critical Questions President Obama Did Not Answer Today

In today's remarks from Hyde Park Academy, President Obama barely touched on the epidemic of violence plaguing Chicago. Despite 1,917 homicides in our city since President Obama took office, 1,594 from gun violence, the President provide only vague proposals with no specific details to help the city deal with it's crisis.

Why didn't the President propose a specific set of solutions to deal with the criminal street gangs that perpetrate most of Chicago's murders and senseless gun violence?

Why didn't the President, Governor or Mayor acknowledge that public policy failures created the poverty stricken communities that fuel most of the city's violence and foster a criminal street gang culture?

Why does the President ignore the fact that current gun laws are not being effectively enforced and many Cook County judges release career felons long before their sentences expire?

Why did the President bail out Wall Street, auto makers and politically connected green energy companies but has no specific proposal to beef up resources to help the Chicago Police Department and the FBI in their anti-gang/anti-drug trafficking efforts?

Why didn't the President use the State of the Union to talk directly to the nation's at-risk youth, urging them to stay in school and go to college, avoid drugs and gangs and get involved in community development projects?

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Where Have You Been, Mr. President?

1,917* people have been murdered in Chicago since Barack Obama was officially inaugurated.

1,594* of those murders were committed with a firearm.

Why did it take 4 years, 26 days for the President to address the ongoing crisis in his own hometown?

*Data derived from the Chicago Tribune's RedEye homicide tracker: According to their site the detailed tracker is updated regularly with information from the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office, the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Breaking News Center.

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Second CD Debate Huge Success

DSC_8945.jpgThree Republican candidates for Illinois' Second Congressional District debated last night before a large crowd on the far south side. Republicans Lenny McAlister, Paul McKinley, and Eric Wallace spoke for an hour and a half about crime, taxes, corruption, and a host of other issues. The debate was moderated by WVON's Cliff Kelley.

Several television stations, radio stations, and print reporters covered the event.

The full debate can be seen at

The Chicago Republican Party is deeply grateful to all who participated and made it happen.


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