Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate

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WASHINGTON—In a surprise conclusion to a constitutional showdown, Chief Justice John Roberts joined the Supreme Court's four liberals Thursday to uphold the linchpin of President Barack Obama's health plan, the individual mandate requiring citizens to carry insurance or pay a penalty.

The Supreme Court found one part of the health-care law unconstitutional, saying its expansion of the federal-state Medicaid program threatened states' existing funding. Jess Bravin has details on The News Hub.

By a 5-4 vote, the court held the mandate valid under Congress' constitutional authority "to lay and collect Taxes" to provide for "the general Welfare of the United States." The penalty for failing to carry insurance possesses "the essential feature of any tax," producing revenue for the government, Chief Justice Roberts wrote.


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Democrats Hate Competition, File Frivolous Objections To All Republican Candidates In The City

Yesterday, Democrats filed challenges to all eight of the recently-slated Republican candidates for State Legislature in the City of Chicago. The filings were an attempt to knock Republicans off the ballot, giving the Democrats a free ride in the the November election. If the objections were to be sustained, voters in most districts would have only a single choice on the ballot in the fall.

"Chicago Democrats have driven this state into the ground, and they're rightly worried about voters punishing them at the ballot box this November," said Adam Robinson, Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party.  "It's shameful, but not surprising, that they're attempting to deny Chicago voters a choice.  We will vigorously defend our candidates' right to run for office."

The Republican candidates are:

Senate District 1: George MaAyteh
Senate District 6: Scott Campbell
Senate District 8: Tom Morris
Senate District 17: Xavier "X" Roman
House District 2: Roy Pletsch
House District 10: Kimberly Small
House District 14: Paul Minervino
House District 25: Juan Antonio Diaz

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Republicans Slate Three for County-Wide Office in Cook

Cook County Republican candidates 2012Cook County's slate of Republican candidates for county-wide office filed their official paperwork yesterday, filing nearly 6,400 signatures on Monday.

Diane Shapiro, with over 30 years of Cook County government experience, will match up against Dorothy Brown for the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court.  Lori Yokoyama, an attorney and entrepreneur, is challenging Anita Alvarez for Cook County State's Attorney.  Sales consultant Sherri Griffith is taking on Karen Yarborough for the office of Cook County Recorder of Deeds.

"Thanks to the monumental efforts of our Committeemen and volunteer base, the Chicago Republican Party is excited to have three outstanding, highly-qualified candidates for Cook County office," said Adam Robinson, Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party.  "Our Cook County candidates reflect the growing diversity of our party here in Chicago and the desire on the part of Chicago voters for a real alternative.  We look forward to a spirited, issues-driven campaign this fall."

For more information:

Chris Cleveland, Spokesman

(312) 339-2677

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It's a boy!

Chairman Adam Robinson's wife Anna gave birth last night to a baby boy. All is well. adam_baby.jpg

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17th Ward Republican Committeeman Curtis Lacy Honored With Lifetime Service Award

17th Ward Committeeman Curtis Lacy Honored with Lifetime Service Award17th Ward Republican Committeeman Curtis Lacy was honored for his lifetime of service to the GOP at the May 24th meeting.  Committeeman Lacy, who first became involved in the Republican Party over 50 years ago, is one of the longest-serving Committeemen in the Chicago GOP and is the ranking member of the Chicago Republican Party's Black Caucus.

Deputy Committeemen William "Mr. D" Delay and Percy Coleman (pictured) accepted the award on behalf of Committeeman Lacy.

"Curtis Lacy has been a steadfast supporter of the Republican Party for over 50 years, and today we are honored to accept this award on his behalf," said Delay.  "On behalf of the Chicago Republican Party, we thank him for his dedication to our party and to his community."

"We have to remember that African American Republicans are Republicans by choice," added Coleman in his remarks.  "The African American community in Chicago is the largest untapped source of political support for the Republican Party, and we thank Committeeman Lacy for being on the front lines for our party for his entire political career."

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June 2 Bus Trip for Walker

Help fight for reform in Wisconsin! Join fellow Republicans this Saturday, June 2, for a bus trip to help Governor Walker. The bus will leave at 7:30 am from Lincoln Park and return at 7:00 pm. Pizza and drinks will be provided on the ride back. Email for details. 

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1st Ward Committeeman Cheryl Bailey Elected Secretary of the Chicago Republican Party

Bailey_Secretary_Election_May_24_2012.jpg1st Ward Committeeman Cheryl Bailey was elected unanimously to the position of Secretary of the Chicago Republican Party at its May 24, 2012 meeting.  Committeeman Bailey will serve a four year term.

"We congratulate Committeeman Bailey on her election tonight, and thank her for volunteering her time and service to the Chicago Republican Party," said Chairman Adam Robinson.  "Cheryl is now part of a new, energietic leadership core whose focus is the revitalization and promotion of the Republican Party in Chicago.  I am thrilled to have her as part of our team."

Bailey, elected as Committeeman for the first time in the March 2012 Republican Primary, is the Vice President of Consultant Relations at CVS Caremark, where she is responsible for the management and promotion of positive and effective consultant relationships throughout that organization.  Prior to this role, she was the Vice President of Account Management at NeighborCare where she served for eight years in a variety of roles.


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GOP Committeemen Select Kimberly Small for IL-10 State Rep Race

Republican Committeemen from the 10th Illinois State Representative District in Chicago have selected businesswoman Kimberly Small to run against disgraced Democrat Rep. Derrick Smith in the November general election. kimsmall.jpg

Small is an executive with more than 20 years of sales and management experience. In the private sector, Small has worked with job creators in recruiting and hiring Chicagoans. In addition, her executive experience has made her a tough negotiator and an expert in finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

Small’s 20-year private sector record is a clear contrast with her Democratic opponent Derrick Smith, who spent his career in Springfield until getting appointed to the state legislature. Within days of the appointment, Smith is alleged to have accepted a $7,000 cash bribe.

Despite the serious allegation of gross corruption, the state Democratic chairman and Speaker of the State House, Michael Madigan, supported Smith in the primary so that he could control the appointment of Smith's replacement. Smith has refused to step down. Madigan and Illinois Democrats are now seeking to run a third party candidate, which will serve to split Democrat voters in the district and give a Republican a chance.

Kimberly Small’s vision of a smaller, fairer and simpler state government will give frustrated 10th district voters a fresh choice to represent them in Springfield, unique from anyone else seeking this office.

Contact: Chris Cleveland, 312-339-2677

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Chicago GOP Meeting - Tonight 6:30

The first regular meeting of the Chicago Republican Party under our new leadership team will be held tonight at 6:30 pm at the Parthenon Restaurant, 314 S. Halsted Street in Greektown.

This meeting is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.  

The agenda for tonight's meeting is posted below:

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MavPAC Chicago Hosts Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel

A big thank you to MavPAC Chicago and event organizers Angel Garcia, Kyle Stone, and Tim Larsen for hosting a coffee reception for Josh Mandel, Republican nominee for the Ohio Senate race, this morning at the Union League Club.

Adam_Robinson_-_Josh_Mandel.jpgAt 34 years old, Josh has already successfully served his constituents as a City Councilman (Lyndhurst), as a member of the Ohio State Legislature, and currently serves as the state Treasurer.  If that's not enough, he's also a decorated Marine Corp veteran and spent two tours in Iraq.  I was inspired by his story of how his hard work, determination, and conservative message enabled him to win a State Representative seat in Cuyahoga County where Dennis Kucinich shares half the real estate.

Cuyahoga County, Josh shared with us, may be smaller in size but is similar in demographics to our Chicago:  there are 5 Democrats for every Republican.  Mandel is living proof that Republicans can - and do - win in urban areas when the message and plan is on-target.

Josh is surging in recent polling, having closed an initial 15 point deficit to bring it within a margin of error.  His opponent is Sherrod Brown, whom the National Journal named "the most liberal US Senator" (fun fact: our very own Barack Obama was the previous title-holder).  Please take a moment to visit Josh's web site and give him whatever support you can.

If you have family back in Ohio - tell them to VOTE JOSH!  And remember, we can win in Chicago!


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