• We are seeing enough fraud and voting irregularities that we believe is impacting the outcome of the election.
    • If every legal vote is counted, and every illegal vote rejected, then President Trump will be the uncontested winner of the election.
  • We are fighting to uphold the Constitution and ensure trust and confidence in our elections—to those asking what is our motive, we would ask how much fraud is okay or acceptable in an election? How many dead people should be allowed to vote?
  • It is crucial that we avail ourselves of all of these legal avenues in the name of upholding the integrity of our electoral system—not just for the presidential race, but all other forthcoming elections, like the upcoming January Senate runoff in Georgia.
  • Since election night, we have conducted investigations, deployed people on the ground to gather evidence, compiled sworn affidavits, and put all of this information in the form of lawsuits.
    • There are different systems in each state, and Rudy Giuliani is helping the President oversee all of these different aspects of our legal efforts.
    • We are managing a national team of lawyers all over the country, and are working together to manage the full scope of everything we are seeing, from fraud to irregularities, and from recounts to audits.
  • It is our goal that no state certifies any results with improper ballot counts.
    • Not all of these lawsuits have been brought by the campaign—some have been brought by other individuals, groups, or officials.
    • Some of these cases have been dismissed for lacking standing, and the mainstream media is mischaracterizing these dismissals as campaign losses—this is completely inaccurate.
  • We are still working to ensure states do not certify improper ballot counts so we can have our legal opportunity in court to present evidence of fraud, irregularities, and officials who have disregarded state law.
    • It is important to note that these cases are about stopping the certification results—they are not evidentiary hearings where we will present our evidence of fraud and irregularities.
    • These are lawsuits so we will get the opportunity to present our evidence.
    • We have seen fraud, we have seen irregularities, and we have seen elected officials substituting their own opinions on election laws which they cannot do.


    • One of our suits—in the federal courts—is an argument against a motion to dismiss our call to stop certifying results. Again, this was not an evidentiary hearing.
    • The Judge there has asked us to submit our opposition brief, which he will consider in the coming day and make his ruling.
    • If he does grant the motion to dismiss, we can appeal that.
    • An issue we are facing in these courts as well are appointed judges who are vocally opposed to President Trump’s administration and our efforts to uphold electoral integrity.
    • In Wayne County, the county certification board initially refused to certify the results of the election there as they found that 71% of precincts had irregularities when comparing the number of ballots to the number of voters on the rolls.
    • Unfortunately, the Republicans on the board were subject to attacks, intimidation, and harassment from the radical left, and they agreed to certify the results as long as there was an audit.
      • The issue with this is that the audit would be conducted by the Michigan Secretary of State, a Democrat and opponent of President Trump.
    • There is a way for the Michigan State Legislature to order and oversee their own audit, and 40 state legislators have signed onto a letter laying out their complaints.
    • We have just filed for a recount in two counties in Wisconsin.
    • This is not a full statewide recount, but focused on two counties where massive voting irregularities occurred.
    • We filed a lawsuit in Nevada contesting 40,000 votes.
    • It is clear that Nevada was fundamentally unprepared to manage the massive numbers of ballots.
    • In the last 90 days before Election Day, Nevada changed their system to automatically mail a ballot to every voter on the voter rolls.
    • Unsolicited ballots were sent all across the state—Nevada had 8.5 times more mail-in ballots in 2020 than in 2016.
      • Clark County had 10x as many mail-in ballots than in 2016.
    • Election officials were not prepared for this massive influx, and could not manage the signature verification process.
    • They used a software called Agilis to verify signatures, but it was found to not be reliable, and was even put on a lower acceptance threshold, meaning signatures that did not match were deemed to be matching.
    • We are now up to 9,000 ballots that have been found to have not been counted.
    • We are still availing ourselves of every legal avenue.
    • There is a difference between a recount and an audit:
      • In a recount, ballots are often just re-run through counting machines.
      • What is critical is an audit, where we can investigate election software and voting machines, match signatures, check addresses and voter rolls, etc.
      • We already know that Dominion voting machines in Michigan flipped 6,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden, and we need a court order in Georgia to be able to inspect these machines in Georgia.
    • We are monitoring and confirming reports of more voting irregularities here, and there is a possibility for a recount.
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Good stuff, but since Illinois flipped a judge yet went a million up for Biden I wonder if there isn’t fraud everywhere there are Democrats willing to stuff ballots. Everything nationwide should be audited.
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