Republican Candidate Takes on Chicago Political Dynasty in the race for State Representative District 40


The campaign of Toni Puccio Johnson, the Republican candidate to take on Chicago’s Mell dynasty in the 40th State representative district, will offer Lakeview residents a voting option that can move the City and State beyond the political cronyism and patronage politics for which Chicago is so well-known. Toni is not a career politician – but a mom, idealist, and former marketing executive who believes change in the State of Illinois can start with one person committed to public service rather than pay to play politics.

Born in Madison, Wisconsin and raised by a single mom, Toni is a product of a Catholic elementary and high school education. She graduated with a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Minnesota, after which she worked in Madrid, Spain for several years managing a language institute. Eventually, Toni moved to Chicago in 1998 and worked in marketing and advertising for both Leo Burnett and J. Walter Thompson. After the birth of her first child, she joined with two partners in opening an import business that she left when she and her husband added a second child to the family. Since then, Toni has been an active mom and volunteer in her community.

Toni is running on a pro-business platform, “There’s too much litigation & too much regulation in this country. It's time to let people make decisions for themselves and hold them accountable. Teachers, doctors, investment bankers, lawyers, parents -- everyone. We need people to be accountable for their actions, and not create a nanny state of governance. I stand for less regulation, more accountability, and a stronger emphasis on family values.”

“We’re excited that Toni stepped forward and is committed to serving her community and the State by bringing to Springfield the perspective of a citizen legislator. We need more people like her who aren’t interested in being a lifelong politician to break the cycle of political corruption in this State,” emphasizes Cook County Republican Chairman Aaron DelMar. Chicago Republican Chairman Adam Robinson notes, “Residents in the district know the State’s spendthrift ways are impacting the quality of life here in Chicago. Toni’s commitment to getting the State’s hands out of the taxpayers’ pockets and shrinking government is going to serve us all well.”

Heading into the November 6 general election, the Cook and Chicago Republican Party organizations will be working with candidate Puccio Johnson to help her get her pro-growth message out and provide her with opportunities to share her public policy priorities with voters in the district.

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Republican Candidate Takes on Chicago Political Dynasty in the race for State Representative District 40
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