Steve Boulton Elected New Chicago GOP Chairman

A message from our new chairman, Steve Boulton:

Fellow Republicans, I am pleased to state that on April 15 I was honored by the Ward Committeemen of Chicago with election as the new Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party for a four year term.

I congratulate Chris Cleveland for a great job as Chairman. Chris put in a tremendous amount of work, much of which was behind the scenes where progress really occurs. We owe him great thanks, far more than most realize.

As to the future, in my twenty years of Republican activism I have never seen better prospects for advancing the Party in Chicago. We have excellent Ward Committeemen elected in this past March Primary. For the first time in memory the entire Party leadership, from all corners of the city, is unified in the Republican cause. I hear again and again that voters are fed up with the corruption, the skyrocketing taxes and the decline of prosperity in Chicago. They want peace on their streets, prosperity in their homes and liberty in their lives. I don't see political parties as mere vehicles of an agenda, but as servants of the people, showing the way to a better place by application of sound government to serve all the people, not just a political ruling class. It is our job to get Chicago on that path.

We will be building new initiatives for your participation in the Party at the local level to create change. We will be seeking out policies that make sense for Chicago and publicly asserting them. We will hold events while increasing our use of social media like this page to reach the voters with a message that continuing to vote time after time for a Democratic Machine that has failed the public while enriching its leaders is no path out of the fiscal and economic disaster they have created in our home.

We are moving into the future united in our cause for the people. I hope you will come with us.

Steve Boulton

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