Chairman Adam Robinson reports from Day 1 of the Republican National Convention

Day of the Republican National Convention was a busy one for the Illinois delegation.

After arriving throughout the day (some right before the storm hit!), we gathered at the hotel and set off for the opening event at Tropicana Field.  The kick-off event was nothing short of spectacular, with a live concert and performances from a variety of entertainers.  The Chicago GOP is well-represented here, with former Chairman Eloise Gerson serving as the Delegation Whip for our state, and a number of city-based delegates and alternates here in attendance.

The first day here in Tampa was an incredible opportunity to meet active Republicans from all across Illnois and throughout the country.  I'm proud to tell the story of how the Chicago GOP is taking the fight to the other side, and you know what?  More than a few folks from suburban and downstate Illinois have stopped me to say, "Hey, I hear that the Chicago Republican Party has been really active this year."

Darn right!

Here's wishing everyone back home in Chicago a great week. We'll be providing live updates from the convention on Twitter @ChicagoGOP ( and a daily recap.  Make sure to check out our pictures in the Chicago GOP flicker site by clicking this link.

To victory!

Adam Robinson
Chairman, Chicago Republican Party

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