Recruiting Local 2020 Candidates

A message from Chairman Steve Boulton:

Fellow Republicans,

Since my election as Chairman in April, we have begun a multi-year effort to build the Republican Party in Chicago and hope you will become a part of it.

At this point, we are slating candidates on an urgent basis to fill vacancies on the ballot for State Representative and State Senate races for the November 2020 election. It has been extraordinarily difficult in this lockdown, but we are refusing to give up, and will fight to keep our candidates on the ballot once slated.

What we need are people willing to lend their name as a Republican candidate on the ballot in their respective State House or State Senate seat district. We will handle the slating and filing paperwork. An expensive campaign is not a requirement, as placement on the ballot is the main effort, and the Chicago GOP will support candidates as much as we can through social media, press, and other means to capture the protest vote from fed up Chicago voters. But that we can’t capture that vote without voters seeing a Republican on the ballot! The filing deadline for the Party is June 1.

With the soaring taxes, the deficits, the economic decline, and now the authoritarian aspects of the lockdown, it is simply time to stand. If you are willing to do so for the Republican Party in a real and meaningful way, please respond with your interest to [email protected] Thank you.

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