Rahm's Misplaced Priorities

In a Washington Post editorial, Rahm Emanuel states he has the prescription to rebuild America; yet, he has failed to fix the city he was elected to lead.
Why should America trust a Mayor who has no answer for the gang violence that continues to haunt his city streets? There were 4 more deaths and 19 injuries from shootings this holiday weekend.  
Who should take advice from a Mayor who gave up on taxpayers when a teacher's union threw a tantrum?   
Why is the Mayor who has no answer for his own public sector pension problem, giving advice to the nation on where to spend money?
We look forward to seeing an Emanuel editorial in Chicago newspapers that details his plan on solving Chicago's biggest problems: violent crime, inequality in public education, unsustainable long term public debt, population loss, foreclosures and increasing urban poverty. 
It's clear that Rahm's aspirations for higher office are driving his recent national PR tour. Emanuel should focus on Chicago problems and leave national policy to those better positioned to talk about it. 
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