Critical Questions President Obama Did Not Answer Today

In today's remarks from Hyde Park Academy, President Obama barely touched on the epidemic of violence plaguing Chicago. Despite 1,917 homicides in our city since President Obama took office, 1,594 from gun violence, the President provide only vague proposals with no specific details to help the city deal with it's crisis.

Why didn't the President propose a specific set of solutions to deal with the criminal street gangs that perpetrate most of Chicago's murders and senseless gun violence?

Why didn't the President, Governor or Mayor acknowledge that public policy failures created the poverty stricken communities that fuel most of the city's violence and foster a criminal street gang culture?

Why does the President ignore the fact that current gun laws are not being effectively enforced and many Cook County judges release career felons long before their sentences expire?

Why did the President bail out Wall Street, auto makers and politically connected green energy companies but has no specific proposal to beef up resources to help the Chicago Police Department and the FBI in their anti-gang/anti-drug trafficking efforts?

Why didn't the President use the State of the Union to talk directly to the nation's at-risk youth, urging them to stay in school and go to college, avoid drugs and gangs and get involved in community development projects?

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