Preckwinkle Owes An Apology

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle should apologize to the family of former President Ronald Reagan for saying he deserves "a special place in hell."

Such unprofessional language from an elected executive is highly inappropriate. Such words only add to the corrosive trend in our politics. 

President Preckwinkle failed to point out that every President since Reagan, including Barack Obama, has upheld and executed the nation's narcotics policy.

President Reagan was one of the nation's greatest leaders, guiding our nation from despair to optimism, from an economic malaise to wide spread prosperity and guiding free people away from the threat of Communism toward the light of liberty. Reagan's legacy of robust leadership reminds us of the traits that make great national leaders.

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Preckwinkle Owes Reagan Family an Apology
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