On Vaccines, Pritzker Places Prisoners & Politicians Ahead of the Most Vulnerable

Release from the Illinois GOP

On Vaccines, Pritzker Puts Prisoners & Politicians Ahead of the Most Vulnerable

It was announced today that Governor JB Pritzker has made the unilateral decision to allow Illinois politicians to jump to the front of the line in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. The Governor changed his mind saying, “The State of Illinois has urgent and vital business that must be addressed.”

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider expressed his disagreement with the decision, saying, “For months, thousands of Illinois workers have been going to work and diligently abiding by safety precautions as they performed their jobs. Springfield politicians are capable of doing the same and waiting in line like everyone else to receive their vaccine. Despite some of them believing so, Illinois legislators are not more important or worthy than the rest of us.”

The Governor’s decision comes on the heels of his prior mandate to have prisoners in state custody receive a vaccine in Phase 1b ahead of vulnerable individuals with known comorbidities.

“Let’s be clear here, Governor Pritzker is prioritizing young healthy felons and Springfield politicians over high-risk adults. These decisions display a shameful lack of judgment by the Governor. He should reverse course.” added Schneider.

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