Republican Congressman....In Chicago? Polls Show It Could Happen


GOP Congressional Candidate Mike Fricilone Within Striking Distance of Extreme Leftist Democrat Marie Newman in IL-03

GOP State’s Attorney Candidate Judge Pat O’Brien Shows Incredible Strength Throughout Chicago & Cook County, Positively Affecting GOP Candidates in other races 


A new poll by Ogden & Fry, taken September 7 and released today - forty-four days before the November 3 election - shows incredible gains made by GOP candidates in the month of August. Most impressive is the IL-03 race between GOP congressional candidate Mike Fricilone and Socialist Democrat Marie Newman. The Ogden & Fry poll, commissioned by the Cook County Republican Party, shows Fricilone within the 3.6 point margin of error, down to Newman by basically two points, 46.1% to 43.9%, with 10% undecided.

“The poll released today shows what we already have known since the primary election, Socialist Marie Newman doesnt share the values of the residents of the 3rd Congressional District. Her agenda is ripped directly from the most extreme members of the Washington progressive left including AOC and Bernie Sanders,” stated Fricilone.

“She wants to raise taxes on everyone who pays them, she wants to defund the police, she wants a Medicare-for-all plan that will more than double our current federal spending, and her crazy green new deal doesnt even have the support of a majority of Democrats. My solutions are focused on representing the people of our community, cutting taxes, reforming our healthcare system, and having a realistic energy policy,” added the Will County Commissioner.

The voters in the 3rd Congressional District want someone representing them that shares their values; I am that candidate. I welcome the support of Republicans, open-minded Democrats, and independent voters in the 3rd District who want to move our community forward,” 

The Ogden & Fry poll also sampled the Cook County State’s Attorney’s race within IL-03. Republican Judge Pat O’Brien continues to rapidly gain strength and incredible voter identification since August, garnering 57.9% approval in the district over incumbent State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who achieved a poll number of 30.7%, with 11.4% undecided. 

This separation between State’s Attorney candidates matches an earlier poll taken by Ogden & Fry on September 6 on Chicago’s Northwest Side and nearby suburbs around O’Hare Airport (IL Senate 10) showing O’Brien leading Foxx, 55.3% to 33.1% with 11.6% undecided. Also noteworthy is newly vulnerable incumbent Democrat State Senator Robert Martwick’s 6 point lead - 46.3% to 39.7% - over GOP challenger Anthony Beckman, with 14% of the district undecided.

Ogden & Fry, an Illinois polling firm, conducted a five-question poll on Monday September 7, 2020, districtwide with 759 respondents. The IL Senate 10 poll was conducted on Sunday, September 6. Respondents for both polls were selected by random sampling of likely 2020 General Election voters. The margin of error for both polls is +/- 3.63% at the 95% confidence interval. 




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