Myles Tobin Bio


I am a partner in the law firm of Fletcher & Sippel LLC, and have over 30 years of legal expertise in mergers and acquisitions, railroad regulatory compliance, and commercial transactions. In my current practice, I represent railroads, transportation companies, shippers, state and local governments, equipment finance companies and banks with respect to transactions and disputes throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and parts of Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Prior to joining Fletcher & Sippel, I was Vice President - U.S. Legal Affairs for Canadian National Railroad, where I counseled senior executives, and directed the legal affairs for 40 U.S. subsidiaries ranging from land acquisition companies, bulk terminals, and equipment leasing companies to several large and medium-sized railroads, including Illinois Central, Grand Trunk Western, and Chicago Central & Pacific. Prior to Canadian National Railroad’s merger with Illinois Central Railroad, I served for 9 years with Illinois Central, ultimately as General Counsel, where I counseled senior executives and handled all significant corporate transactions and regulatory compliance matters. Before joining Illinois Central, I served as counsel for the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company, where I handled corporate and regulatory activities.

I am a graduate of Northwestern University, receiving both my Juris Doctorate there, as well as my BS in Political Science. I live with my wife, Carol, and cats, Jack, Sushi and Newberry in Lincoln Park.

I believe that Illinois is in the midst of a financial crisis and we need to solve that problem now. How?

  1. No more tax and spend. Stop spending money we don’t have! We all live with the amount of money in our checkbook – Illinois should do that as well.

  2. Pension Reform – No more smoke and mirrors! We need real reform – a substantial reduction in our unfunded pension liability. Illinois’ financial health can no longer be held hostage by public sector unions.

  3. Raise jobs, not taxes – If we bring back businesses to Illinois, those businesses will increase the available jobs in our State. Adding jobs will spread the tax burden and there will be no need to keep increasing our taxes.

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