Karen Yarbrough Attempted Corruption Before Even Taking Office

Corrupt hiring practices are a fact of life for Chicago Democrats. They have used it for decades to cement their personal political positions.

Incoming Cook County Recorder of Deeds, Karen Yarbrough, has taken the patronage hiring practice to a whole new level. She had the audacity to interfere with the current hiring of positions in the Recorder of Deeds office that are strictly prohibited from being passed out to political pals.

"This is continued evidence that the voters of Cook County are under-served by the Democratic machine," said Sherri Griffith, 2012 Republican candidate for Cook County Recorder of Deeds. "Allowing politicians like Karen Yarbrough to serve in elected office without prosecution for current and past offenses is shameful."

The Chicago GOP thanks Fox 32 Chicago, the Better Government Association and the federal monitor who brought Yarbrough’s actions to light.

We look forward to Cook County Inspector General Pat Blanchard’s full report on the matter and expect Yarbrough to offer her resignation if the allegations are proven to be true.

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