MavPAC Chicago Hosts Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel

A big thank you to MavPAC Chicago and event organizers Angel Garcia, Kyle Stone, and Tim Larsen for hosting a coffee reception for Josh Mandel, Republican nominee for the Ohio Senate race, this morning at the Union League Club.

Adam_Robinson_-_Josh_Mandel.jpgAt 34 years old, Josh has already successfully served his constituents as a City Councilman (Lyndhurst), as a member of the Ohio State Legislature, and currently serves as the state Treasurer.  If that's not enough, he's also a decorated Marine Corp veteran and spent two tours in Iraq.  I was inspired by his story of how his hard work, determination, and conservative message enabled him to win a State Representative seat in Cuyahoga County where Dennis Kucinich shares half the real estate.

Cuyahoga County, Josh shared with us, may be smaller in size but is similar in demographics to our Chicago:  there are 5 Democrats for every Republican.  Mandel is living proof that Republicans can - and do - win in urban areas when the message and plan is on-target.

Josh is surging in recent polling, having closed an initial 15 point deficit to bring it within a margin of error.  His opponent is Sherrod Brown, whom the National Journal named "the most liberal US Senator" (fun fact: our very own Barack Obama was the previous title-holder).  Please take a moment to visit Josh's web site and give him whatever support you can.

If you have family back in Ohio - tell them to VOTE JOSH!  And remember, we can win in Chicago!


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