Jon Hartman Bio


Like most Chicagoans, I grew up in a Democratic family without questioning why or what the party stood for. As I got older, started working and making my own money, I became interested—and concerned—about how my tax money was being spent by the government. I have come to recognize that the one-party Democratic rule we have experienced in Chicago and Illinois leads to big government, high taxes and dependence on social programs that leads to even more government spending, higher taxes and increased debt. I am running for Representative in the 13th District to change all that.

I think Ronald Reagan said it best, “The best social program is a job” and we need more jobs in Illinois. We need jobs of all types, including manufacturing and skilled trade jobs. As a plumber, I know the importance of a good economy and its impact on job opportunities. My livelihood depends on a thriving economy—one that attracts business and encourages construction and home improvement projects. That starts with an attractive tax policy for both businesses and individuals.

As a graduate of Chicago Public Schools, and a father, I want to ensure that children from regular families, like mine, get a good education and graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to be self-reliant. Whether it is going to college, learning a trade or getting that first entry level job, Illinois kids deserve the same opportunities other states offer.

My priority as your Representative in Springfield will be to restore government for and by the people. With your support, we can work to reduce taxes, reduce spending and reduce the debt and make Illinois a great place for families to live and work.

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