Illinois Policy Institute Open Letter to Mayor Emanuel

Visit to read an open letter to Mayor Emanuel from the non-partison Illinois Policy Institute (IPI).

The letter is written by Paul Kersey, Director of Labor Policy for IPI and Ben VanMetre, Senior Budget and Tax Policy Analyst for IPI.

The Chicago GOP strongly supports serious school reform such as those discussed in this letter. Charter schools, online learning, vouchers and parent triggers are all tools that school districts and parents can use to provide the best possible learning environment for students.Test schools and graduation rates among public school students in Chicago is terrible. As the IPI letter says, serious reforms within the school system are a moral obligation we have to the generation now going through their elementary and high school years.

The deal between the Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union is not fiscally responsible, does not address structural problems within CPS and fails to provide adequate accountability or transparency for parents and taxpayers.

The Chicago GOP will continue to stand with parents and students in Chicago.

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