First Training of the 2015 Series

On Saturday, January 10th, the Chicago Young Republicans, and the Chicago Republican Party joined forces to bring the first class of the 2015 Training Series.

Together, our organizations worked to bring experts trainers from the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA. JC Hernandez, Director of Grassroots Coalitions lead our Introduction to Volunteering, a basic Politics 101 for those interested in getting more involved after 2014! Guest Lecturer Collin Corbett taught Introduction to using Social Media.

Pictures from the class, after the break.




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You people call your selves republicans?? Some of you are elected officials, elected by the people for the people. Now theres talk about ousting a republican candidate. How childish. you forced him to sign a pledge and for what? If there was a democratic candidate, i would switch side so fast its not funny. How dare you go against the PEOPLES choice.. stop acting like children and unite to defeat the democratic machine.