Erin Broderick Bio



As an attorney representing companies in bankruptcy and out-of-court restructurings, I have witnessed first hand the negative impact the weak economy has had on working families. When companies fail, people lose jobs. This is happening too often in Illinois and we deserve better. We need to balance the budget and stimulate job growth in Illinois. As a common sense, compassionate conservative, I will fight for responsible spending, lower taxes and pension reform.

I was born in Illinois and also lived in surrounding states—states that have taken action to change the status quo. I know it can be done and my experience representing distressed businesses in their turn-around efforts has given me the precise skill set necessary to bring change and make Illinois competitive again.

In addition to practicing law, I have volunteered in the community, including serving as a mentor to eighth graders in low-income school districts. I hold leadership positions in a number of legal professional organizations and honed my interest in policy issues while in college where I served as the sole student organizer for a current events panel series. Taking that experience further, my twin sister and I were the only student panelists at a statewide political science conference.

My experience as a bankruptcy attorney, together with passion, energy, and work ethic are exactly what we need to bring ethics reform and restore integrity and accountability to Springfield. My goal is to make sure the programs designed to help those in need are not corrupted by fraud and abuse. After years of witnessing Springfield ruin the economy and break the spirit of the community with ineffective policies, working together, we can turn Illinois around.

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