Chicago’s Mayhem: 21st Century 'Days of Rage’ ???

The continued looting and unrest demonstrate what Mayor Lori Lightfoot and local law enforcement officials are now admitting: Chicago suffers from not only gang violence, but a new, violent element, reminiscent of the extremists of the 1960’s and before. This element is nothing less than a coordinated assault to destroy our civic institutions by violent revolt, hiding within the legitimate demands of Black Americans for their share of the wealth of America, denied them for far too long.

“This is domestic terrorism, plain and simple. These criminals must be prosecuted and brought to justice. If Mayor Lightfoot and States Attorney Foxx won’t do it, then we should call on the U.S. Attorney,” stated Steve Boulton, Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party

The Mayor and Chicago Police Supt. David Brown characterized the most recent looting that destroyed shops, stores, bars and restaurants in many of the city’s downtown shopping districts, including the Magnificent Mile, as a “planned attack” by organized criminals bent on looting and mayhem. Misinformation - purposefully spread on social media surrounding a police shooting in Englewood incited hundreds to flood downtown in protest, but it was intentionally channeled into looting.

Most despicable and unforgivable in our eyes was the attack on the Ronald McDonald House, where 30 families, whose children are undergoing treatment for cancer and other ailments, were attempting to sleep. Looters broke windows and destroyed glass doors at the entry to the facility, waking and then scaring ailing children and their families, ultimately causing Ronald McDonald House staff to put the facility on lock-down. 

“This was targeted and planned to terrorize the siblings, parents and relatives staying in Ronald McDonald House while their loved ones are undergoing treatment for serious illnesses. These families have enough emotional trauma and worry and then have to deal with these terrorists.” stated Boulton.

The depth of this movement should not be underestimated, for the ruin it will bring upon this city will echo for decades.  We therefore call upon the Mayor, the Chicago Police Department and the United States Attorney to see the true agenda of the extremist elements and confront them before their poisonous messages spread further in the more gullible and disheartened elements of our populace.



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Defund NGO’s not the Police. Illinois and Chicago governments hand grants out like crazy to some of the most toxic elements of society. Most run by avowed Marxists. There ought to be a grant oversight committee in the State Legislature and the City Council.