Collin Johnson Bio


After graduating from Valparaiso University with a BS in Secondary Education in 2009, I moved to Boston for a two-year Service Teaching program through Boston College. In Boston, I earned a Master's in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College, while teaching in an underfunded inner-city Catholic high school. After completing my post-graduate degree, I married my wife Reva in the summer of 2012 and relocated to Chicago. I live in the South Loop neighborhood and in my free time, I enjoy playing baseball, spending time with my family, and grilling.

I started my career in education in Boston as a teacher and coach at Cathedral High School in downtown Boston. I then went on to be a Campus Minister, teacher and coach at Seton Academy High School. As the Site Director for Match Education, I am currently supervising tutors and providing assistance to students at two at-risk schools in Chicago's West side.

With a passion for education, especially educating at-risk populations, improving education will be one of my top legislative priorities. Without the needed change to foster equal educational opportunities for all children regardless of income and neighborhood they live in, we are relegating future generations to a life of underachievement. We have to do better. Part of that process will include enacting policies that control our educational budgets while instituting the learning evaluation systems that hold both parents and school systems accountable for student achievement. To achieve any of the hard goals needed to right the State of Illinois, we need to provide an avenue of communication wherein elected officials communicate and discuss effectively the near-term tough choices we need to make as a State to better the lives of the citizens of Illinois in the long-run.


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