Chicago Republican Party: Christie is right, Chicago politicians are crooked

The Chicago Republican Party issued the following statement:

As reported by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey bashed Chicago politics today, saying that the "President is nothing more than a Chicago ward politician," and "We’ve had enough of Chicago ward politics in the Oval Office."

We're not insulted. Governor Christie is absolutely right. Here in Chicago, we watched with horror as Chicago Machine thuggery found its way into the White House.

In Chicago, ward politicians give favors to friends, deny business permits to political opponents, and demand campaign contributions from anyone who does business with the city. Pay-to-play is a way of life.

In Washington, the Obama administration gives Obamacare exemptions to its friends, sends billions in stimulus money to favored groups, hammers those who oppose Obamacare regulations with threats of government retaliation, and collects campaign contributions from those who get government payoffs. Pay-to-play is becoming a way of life.

We thank Governor Christie for calling it what it is.

Lynn Sweet's article:

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