Chicago Republican Party calls for investigation into billboard deal, calls it "yet another parking meter mess"

The Chicago Republican Party called for a City Council investigation today of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed billboard contracts. As proposed, the 20-year deals would be yet another parking meter-style giveaway to a vendor in exchange for a small amount of upfront cash.

The Mayor's deal would:

  • Give away yet another of the city's assets for short term cash
  • Enrich another yet another vendor, who has already made a contribution to the Mayor's campaign
  • Create another unbreakable contract, saddling the city for years with a deal it can't renegotiate
  • Pollute the skyline, subjecting the city's drivers to distracting digital advertisements

"It's time for the Mayor and the Democrats to stop selling the city's assets just to get a little short-term cash," said Chris Cleveland, Chicago GOP spokeman. "The Democrats need to learn from the parking meter mess. What's it going to take for them to get a clue?"

"This new giveaway is especially galling, given the new revelations that the Mayor has taken donations from the billboard vendor, from red light camera vendors and from other city contractors. Is he looking to get another billboard payoff?" said Cleveland.

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