Chicago Republican Party Chairman Steve Boulton today called upon Mayor Lori Lightfoot and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to either restore order in the city, or submit their resignations from office, effective immediately. 

“We are done with their tactics of coddling the mobs, attacking the police, and wringing their hands at press conferences.” Boulton stated.  “We are done with rioters being released without prosecution, virtually encouraged to do it again. If the Mayor and the State’s attorney will not decisively confront the violence, this city is lost. Either act, or resign.”  

Boulton called on the Mayor to either restore order in Chicago, including deployment of the National Guard, or resign.  

“The Mayor talks tough,” Boulton stated, “but when it comes to action, she’s big on terrorizing restaurant owners and beach parties, but will never face down the mob that is destroying this city.  She has handcuffed and attacked the CPD time and again.  If restoring order and supporting the police are too much of a political stretch for her, then she must resign for the good of all the people.”   

Boulton noted that the CPD is understaffed by thousands, 30% lower than New York per capita.  

“On top of that, we have a Mayor who has the police under her thumb and won’t let them act.  Reactive policing is a guarantee of more violence. Proactive confrontation is required.” 

Boulton called on Foxx to either prosecute or get out of the way. 

“These riots can be directly laid at the door of Kim Foxx. She refuses to prosecute, so there is no respect for the law among the mobs and the rioters. They believe that they own this City now, and with Kim Foxx in office, they are not wrong.”  

Boulton pointed to a recent study showing that under Foxx more felony prosecutions have been dismissed than under her predecessors.  

“She won’t do her job, it is that simple,” Boulton said. “In any organization, a person who will not do their job, has got to go.”   



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