Chicago GOP: "This Foxx Acts More Like A Scared Rabbit!"

Judge Pat O’Brien has run a fair campaign for Cook County State’s Attorney, pointing out the many failures of Kim Foxx in keeping our cities and counties safe as she pursues her own theories of social justice by releasing rioters, failing to prosecute felons and dismissing charges against Jussie Smollett.  Given the controversies of her term, Foxx’s cynical decision to refuse further debates with Pat O’Brien is not only a move born of panic as O’Brien closes in the polling, it is a stark insult to the voters of this city.  

“Every single voter needs to know that she is hiding,” stated Chicago GOP Chairman Steve Boulton.  “How is she going to have the courage to face felons and killers in courtrooms when she can’t even face Judge Pat O’Brien?”  

After months of what even liberal columnist Eric Zorn called “raging at those who tell the truth” about her conduct in allowing Smollett to walk away; after calling criticism over the horrific murders and violence in Chicago “dishonest blame games”; and after employing dishonestly narrow definitions to avoid recognizing the dozens of cases in which those released under her “affordable bail” concept have committed violent crimes, Foxx has decided to run and hide rather than face the voters, even as Chicago suffered the most murderous September in 25 years.  

“This Foxx acts more like a scared rabbit on the run,” commented Boulton.  “Is she a servant of the public, or just her mentor, Toni Preckwinkle?” 



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