Chicago GOP Statement on Deal to End CTU Strike

The Chicago GOP is extremely disappointed that Mayor Emanuel abandoned real school reform, buckling under pressure from President Obama and Democratic special interests.
The deal announced today is bad for Chicago children and their families. The school closures, layoffs and tax increases that will result from this agreement will harm every single Chicago resident.

Mayor Emanuel folded on a number of critical reforms:
  • - No expanded school choice for parents with students in failing schools
  • - A watered down teacher evaluation that protects bad teachers
  • - No formal end to teacher tenure
  • - No merit pay to reward excellent educators
  • - Guaranteed annual salary increases for teachers regardless of performance. 
  • - No increased teacher contributions for health or pension benefits, kicking the can down the road on CPS fiscal reform
  • - Longer school days do not include more math, science, reading or writing coursework

Nowhere are the interests of parents or children represented. There is no provision for a "parent trigger", where parents can choose whether their neighborhood school becomes a charter school.

It's clear that the CTU got what it wanted and the Mayor went along. Once again, the children got the shaft.

The Chicago GOP will continue working with school reform advocates to bring full school choice to every Chicago family. 

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