Chicago GOP Statement on Chick-fil-A's Capitulation

Update below.

Bludgeoned into submission, Chick-fil-A yielded to censorship pressures and gave up its right to free speech today.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Chick-fil-A has yielded to the threat by Alderman Joe Moreno to deny it a business license to operate in his ward. It has promised to stop giving money to groups supporting traditional family values.

The Alderman's threat was backed by Mayor Emanuel, who stated that "Chick-fil-A's values are not Chicago's values."

"The civil rights violation is now complete; Chick-fil-A has been forced to give up its religious, social and political views," said Chris Cleveland, spokesman for the Chicago GOP. "The message to every business in Chicago is clear: oppose the power structure, lose your livelihood."

The Chicago Republican Party demands that Attorney General Lisa Madigan act on its complaint against Alderman Moreno. So far, the Attorney General has failed to take any action.

The Chicago Tribune Story:,0,4631297.story


Newsmax is saying that the reports of capitulation are untrue. It appears that Moreno can't quite get the story straight.


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hrh apparently,is the one to talk to when looking for a big bag.
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hrh is a coward.
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I would like to invite you, Chris Cleavland, to suck a bag of dicks. While I don’t feel Mayor Emanuel should have attempted to deny Chic-fil-a’s business license, I hardly think this is the sole reason they have capitulated. Most marketing experts agree that a dip in revenues predicated this move, so, cry me a fucking river about Chick-fil-a’s imaginary bludgeoned rights to free speech.