Chicago GOP Response to CTU Strike Extension

The Chicago Teachers Union inexplicable decision to extend their strike prolongs the suffering of Chicago students and parents. While we agree with Mayor Emanuel's decision to file an injunction to end the strike, it is an action that comes a week too late. 
Reports this evening indicate division among union members regarding ending their strike of choice. 
"The public school students of Chicago want to go back to class tomorrow," said Chicago GOP chairman Adam Robinson. "Hopefully the courts will order teachers back to work; but, CTU members should've done the right thing earlier today and allowed classes to resume while final details are worked out."
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@brianjmatos retweeted @ChicagoGOP 2012-09-16 21:13:11 -0500
@ctulocal1 inexplicably extends strike. Rahm's court injunction is a week too late #ctustrike