Chicago GOP "Democrats, We Told You So!"

September 2, 2020


Today the Chicago Republican Party rejected Mayor Lightfoot’s assertion that “catastrophic collapse” alone caused the staggering $1.2 billion deficit facing the City of Chicago.  Even Democrat Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas has now suggested a coming collapse in commercial real estate due to a lack of paying commercial tenants.  

“Our economy didn’t just collapse, Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker killed it,” said Chairman Steve Boulton.  “Wanting to avoid any personal blame for any deaths, they shut things down.  But you can’t shut an economy for months, kill off small businesses right and left, leave commercial real estate owners with no businesses paying rent, and not expect this.  We will be paying the economic price for their political cover for the rest of our lives.”   

But the current crisis is just the final step on a Democrat road to ruin, Boulton emphasized.  The stage was set by the overspending in Springfield and Chicago, complete fiscal irresponsibility in overpromising and underfunding on government pensions and a general hostility to commercial business that has marked the last decades of one party rule.  

“In a way, all the pandemic has done is speed our arrival to the inevitable day of financial reckoning,” Boulton stated. “The fiscal chickens are finally coming home to roost, and they are the size of 747s.”   

The Republican Party has been opposing the fiscal irresponsibility of the City right down the line, Boulton stated.

“Democrats, we told you so! The only answer is to pursue prosperity and a revitalized tax base.  But that will never happen with socialist Democrats in control. The ‘City that Works’ no longer will, until fundamental change is imposed by the voters at the ballot box.” 



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