Chicago GOP condemns tax increase, announces candidate recruiting

The Chicago Republican Party condemned today's vote to increase Illinois taxes by 32%, and announced the kickoff of its 2018 candidate recruiting season.

"This tax increase is the opposite of what Illinois needs," said Chicago GOP chairman Chris Cleveland. "We expect large numbers of candidates to come out of the woodwork in response."

"We're recruiting candidates to run in the Chicago area who are fed up with Mike Madigan. We're going to give voters the chance to say how they feel about having the highest tax burden in the country."

In particular, the Chicago GOP is looking for a candidate to run against Mike Madigan. "Voters are going to get a chance to vote on Bruce Rauner, but they never get a chance to vote on Mike Madigan. Madigan has rigged the system so that he never has a Republican opponent. We're going to change that," said Cleveland.

In 2014 and 2016 the Chicago GOP recruited Republican candidates to run in heavily Democratic areas. The candidates and their volunteers knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors, and raised the Republican vote in the city enough to give a boost to Republican candidates for statewide office.

In 2014, the Chicago GOP ran an "American Idol"-style contest to find first-time candidates for office. 150 candidates applied, and were winnowed down to 18 who ultimately received the thumbs-up.

Individuals interested in running for office should visit

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