Chicago & Cook Republican Organizations Open Permanent Office

Office_launch.jpgThe new permanent headquarters of the Chicago and Cook Republican Party, the 43rd Ward Republican Organization, and the Chicago Young Republicans had its official launch party on Saturday August 7th.  Located at 2768 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago's 43rd Ward, this new headquarters will facilitate a permanent, focused presence in Chicago, where 20% of all Illinois voters reside.

In 2012, these organizations will be working in concert with the Illinois Republican Party and the Republican National Committee on the RNC Victory Program, a targeted phone-based campaign that will serve as a critical component to re-electing members of the Illinois Congressional delegation in targeted races.

"We're excited to launch our permanent base of operations in the City of Chicago," said Chicago GOP Chairman Adam Robinson.  "Thanks to the cooperation and committment of Cook County Chairman Aaron Del Mar, 43rd Ward Committeeman Chris Cleveland, and CYR President Angel Garcia, Chicago Republicans can be proud of the presence we've creating in our city."

Volunteers who want to help Republicans win in 2012 should click the 'Volunteer' button above.  We need your help!

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Good luck and best wishes. Andy Martin
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Chicago & Cook Republican Organizations Open Permanent Office #tcot #ilgop #rnc via @ChicagoGOP
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Chicago & Cook Republican Organizations Open Permanent Office #tcot #ilgop #rnc via @ChicagoGOP
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