Attack Your Local Police Act HB163 - Considered by Illinois General Assembly

To be considered by the Illinois General Assembly:

Attack Your Local Police Act


It is difficult to count all the ways in which House Bill 163 (which we are renaming the “Attack Your Local Police Act”) is a victory of destructive ideology over sound government.  

The Bill was introduced by Democrats in the General Assembly’s lame-duck session with the hope of quick passage before the public could realize that the bill will severely damage law enforcement throughout Illinois and place additional financial burdens on municipalities that are already utterly broke. As far as we can fathom from this 611-page tirade of police hatred, it will:


  • Eliminate cash bail, meaning dangerous offenders will simply be released to prey again;
  • Prohibit police use of force in almost all situations;
  • Make officers criminally liable for virtually any use of force;
  • Mandate felony charges against police officers for minor issues; 
  • Remove prohibitions against obstructing police officers performing their duty;
  • Eliminate funding for law enforcement agencies;
  • Increase continuing education requirements on towns and cities with no money designated to pay for the increased costs;
  • Mandate the use of body cameras by all departments for every officer across the state, with no money designated to pay for the cost.


Plus, it will call for defunding of departments in any municipality that does not comply with these draconian provisions. Why anyone would risk being a police officer in the state of Illinois after passage of this bill is beyond us. 

What is ironic about the bill is that it comes from the Black Caucus, representing the communities most torn by murder and violence, when the police are the last line before a collapse to even more widespread carnage and crime. It makes us wonder whether these Representatives value the best wishes of street gangs and race-based activists over the best interests of people in their districts who simply want peace on their streets and safety for their children.  We urge voters to see that this bill is a sop to radical extremists, not a bill to increase safety in any community. All citizens must call or email their State Senators and IL House Representatives to reject this bill.  

We implore Mayor Lightfoot to put the security and safety needs of the citizens and businesses of Chicago first, by adamantly opposing this destructive piece of legislation. We demand to know her position. 



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