'March On Madigan' - Saturday, August 1



On Saturday, August 1, Republican 13th Ward Committeeman David Krupa will lead a 10:00 a.m. march on Illinois Speaker Mike Madigan’s State Representative office at 6500 S. Pulaski in Chicago. 

‘March on Madigan’ participants will be demanding that Madigan resign from his Speakership position, step down as Chair of the Illinois Democratic Party and return the millions in campaign cash he or the Illinois Democrat Party may have received from Commonwealth Edison, due to his alleged relationship with the Illinois electric supplier, as well as any cash received from corporations currently being investigated by U.S. Attorney John Lausch.

”Illinois residents are taking action and sending a powerful message to Speaker Madigan, it’s time to resign. Taxpayers are fed up with corruption and they are tired of being sold out by predatory politicians like Madigan. The cries of struggling families and disheartened patriots have fallen on deaf ears for far too long, so we will be taking our message straight to Madigan’s office. He cannot continue to ignore the people of Illinois any longer,” stated Krupa.

“ComEd admitted that its efforts to influence and reward the high-level elected official – identified in the Statement of Facts as ‘Public Official A’ – began in or around 2011 and continued through in or around 2019,” the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois announced on July 17. 

“The company admitted that it arranged for jobs and vendor subcontracts for Public Official A’s political allies and workers even in instances where those people performed little or no work that they were purportedly hired by ComEd to perform.”

A deferred prosecution agreement stated: “Public official A is the Speaker of the House and the longest serving member of the Illinois House of Representatives.” Commonwealth Edison has already agreed to pay a $200 million fine.

“This is just a beginning,” said Steve Boulton, Chicago GOP Chairman, an attorney and longtime courtroom opponent of the Chicago Machine.

“The entire corrupt structure of the Machine must be brought down, with accountability at the ballot box for the many Democrat politicians who now attack Madigan, but have spent years supporting him in return for his money and his army of political workers.”

The Chicago Republican Party is applauding State Senator Heather Steans’ (D-Chicago) recent call for Madigan to resign as Speaker and step down as Chair of the Illinois Democrat Party, while demanding all Illinois Democrats - specifically those Democrat members of the Illinois General Assembly - demand that Madigan resign.

“We couldn’t have stated it better than Senator Steans,” Boulton stated, as she cited that Madigan’s alleged agreement with Commonwealth Edison paints a “sordid picture of bribery, influence peddling and insider dealing at the highest level.”

To join Saturday's 'March On Madigan' go to the Chicago Republican Facebook page for more details. Come join us! 

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