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The Chicago Republican Party represents a broad diversity of people in the city, across geographical, racial, ethnic, and economic divides. What ties us together is the core belief that the people can govern themselves. It is the same belief that drew the founders to create this nation.

We believe that government has become too large and powerful. We believe that in this city, the people have been forced to serve the government, not the other way around.

We believe that taxes and fees are too high, and there are altogether too many interests with their hands in our pockets.

We believe that the deeply corrupt Democratic machine must end. We believe that it is wrong to use public resources to fund private political campaigns.

We believe that the Democrat Party, which has held power in the city for many years, has failed to educate our children.

We believe that the people, not those who hold power, should be in charge.

And finally, we believe that the Republican Party should devote attention to the needs of those who live in urban areas.

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