Thinking About Becoming A Republican Candidate in Chicago?

Chicago is a Democratic town, and has been that way for decades.  The Chicago GOP doesn’t kid itself into thinking that a bunch of seasoned politicians will be knocking down our doors wanting to run under the Republican banner.  And that’s just fine with us!  When we look at what the “political professionals” have accomplished in driving Illinois to the brink of bankruptcy, we’d much rather have real people on our ticket -- candidates new to the game of politics, but experienced in making the type of common sense decisions that can get the job done for the people of Illinois.

Because the political hacks protect their jobs by making it tough to figure out how to get in the game, we’re ready to help you each step of the way with the expertise you need to run a credible campaign.  So, don’t worry about bringing your skills and experience to this new arena.  The Chicago GOP will take the lead in making sure you comply with all relevant election and reporting laws. 

We’ll work with you and your volunteers to get your petition signatures collected and defend them when the Machine comes after you and tries to get you thrown off the ballot.  We’ll help you get your message out and frame it on a website and in social media.  We’ll help you understand the ins and outs of the major policy issues facing the state.  We plan to work with you to make it as turnkey as possible to transfer your record of success to the world of electoral politics!

But to invest this effort into someone’s campaign, we need to make sure you’re the real deal and up to the exhilarating challenge of running for public office.  We’ve designed a vetting process that gives us a chance to get to know you and gives you the chance to determine how comfortable you are with the realities of politics in Chicago. 

The first step in the vetting process is in your hands.  Email us your contact information and the reasons you'd be a good candidate to We'll send you a longer survey about your views and your qualifications.

Don’t worry about the possibility of right and wrong answers, or be concerned that we’re going to distribute this information to anyone without your approval.  We just want to know where you’re coming from, why you’re interested in running, what you bring to the table, and your general ideas on the major policy issues of the day.

Once step one is completed, we’ll contact you to set up a personal interview that enables a team of Chicago Republican Committeemen to meet with you personally.  After that, the Candidate Recruitment Committee and Chicago GOP leaders will review your application materials and let you know whether you’ve gotten the Party’s nod that makes you an “Approved Republican Candidate!”

If you care about our City and State, if you’re willing to invest your time and energy to work hard on behalf of the people of Illinois, we urge you to give it a shot and apply.  Now – more than ever – is the time for right-thinking people to step up to the plate and bring much-needed change to Illinois!

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