Chicago Republican Party to File Chick-fil-A Complaint

The Chicago Republican Party will be filing a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights and Attorney General Lisa Madigan over the discriminatory action by Alderman Proco (Joe) Moreno against Chick-fil-A.

Alderman Moreno has stated publicly that he will block the company's move to open a restaurant in the 1st Ward because he disagrees with the owner's religious views. Alderman Moreno's actions constitute clear religious discrimination, and are barred by both Illinois and Federal law.

Alderman Moreno is attempting to use the hammer of goverment action to harm a person's business after that person expressed religious views with which Alderman Moreno disagrees. It's hard to imagine a clearer violation of First Amendment rights.

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New Republican Office Gets Some Press

Nice article in the Inside-Booster neighborhood paper on the new Chicago Republican Victory Office on Lincoln Ave. Let's hope it generates a few more volunteers!

Please read the article and "like" it on Facebook!

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12th Annual 42nd Ward GOP Boat Cruise

The 12th Annual 42nd Ward Republican Organization is Monday, August 13th and as in the past the boat leaves from Ogden Slip. There is nothing like renewing old friendships and meeting new friends while lake breezes gently waft through the boat while you enjoy the beautiful Chicago Skyline and enjoy delicious food and cocktails. This year’s cruise will also feature live jazz by one of Chicago’s premier jazz vocalists. Tickets are only $89 early bird purchased by July 31st and $99 after. There are also host committee and sponsor opportunities still available.

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Republican Candidate Takes on Chicago Political Dynasty in the race for State Representative District 40


The campaign of Toni Puccio Johnson, the Republican candidate to take on Chicago’s Mell dynasty in the 40th State representative district, will offer Lakeview residents a voting option that can move the City and State beyond the political cronyism and patronage politics for which Chicago is so well-known. Toni is not a career politician – but a mom, idealist, and former marketing executive who believes change in the State of Illinois can start with one person committed to public service rather than pay to play politics.

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Meet The Candidates - Aug 19

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Candidate Training

The Illinois House Republican Organization is hosting a candidate training seminar on Friday, July 20. The seminar is open to Republican candidates and committeemen. If you're interested in attending, please rsvp as soon as possible to Kevin Artl,, and he will let you know the time and location.

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Chicago & Cook Republican Organizations Open Permanent Office

Office_launch.jpgThe new permanent headquarters of the Chicago and Cook Republican Party, the 43rd Ward Republican Organization, and the Chicago Young Republicans had its official launch party on Saturday August 7th.  Located at 2768 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago's 43rd Ward, this new headquarters will facilitate a permanent, focused presence in Chicago, where 20% of all Illinois voters reside.

In 2012, these organizations will be working in concert with the Illinois Republican Party and the Republican National Committee on the RNC Victory Program, a targeted phone-based campaign that will serve as a critical component to re-electing members of the Illinois Congressional delegation in targeted races.

"We're excited to launch our permanent base of operations in the City of Chicago," said Chicago GOP Chairman Adam Robinson.  "Thanks to the cooperation and committment of Cook County Chairman Aaron Del Mar, 43rd Ward Committeeman Chris Cleveland, and CYR President Angel Garcia, Chicago Republicans can be proud of the presence we've creating in our city."

Volunteers who want to help Republicans win in 2012 should click the 'Volunteer' button above.  We need your help!

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Cee Lo Green Hosts Voices for the Children

Cee Lo Green will be joined by vocalists from Team CeeLo  for an evening of live entertainment in support of Harold "Noonie" Ward's mission to support Chicago’s youth and terminally ill.

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New Chicago GOP Office Official Open July 7th

The party's new HQ at 2768 N Lincoln Avenue, which we're sharing with the Illinois GOP, the Cook County GOP, the Chicago Young Republicans, and the 43rd Ward Organization, has moved the official launch date to Saturday, July 7th in order to align our efforts with the RNC/IL GOP sponsored "Super Saturday" event.  We'll be working along with the states other Victory Centers in a coordinated day of phone banking.

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Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate

reposted from the Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—In a surprise conclusion to a constitutional showdown, Chief Justice John Roberts joined the Supreme Court's four liberals Thursday to uphold the linchpin of President Barack Obama's health plan, the individual mandate requiring citizens to carry insurance or pay a penalty.

The Supreme Court found one part of the health-care law unconstitutional, saying its expansion of the federal-state Medicaid program threatened states' existing funding. Jess Bravin has details on The News Hub.

By a 5-4 vote, the court held the mandate valid under Congress' constitutional authority "to lay and collect Taxes" to provide for "the general Welfare of the United States." The penalty for failing to carry insurance possesses "the essential feature of any tax," producing revenue for the government, Chief Justice Roberts wrote.


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