Mayor Reacts To ChicagoGOP Criticism, Cuts Trip Short

In response to pressure mounted by the Chicago Republican Party, Mayor Emanuel has decided to cut his trip to the Democratic National Convention short to deal with the crises at home. Yesterday, the ChicagoGOP called for the Mayor to skip the convention and deal with the violence and the teacher's strike.

"We're gratified that the Mayor has seen that a looming teacher's strike is more important than attending swanky parties at the Democratic National Convention," said Chris Cleveland, spokesman for the ChicagoGOP. "We understand that he's a national figure, and that it's a sacrifice to leave all those Hollywood A-listers in Charlotte, but the little people here at home are grateful for his presence."

As reported in today's Sun Times, "Mayor Rahm Emanuel decided Monday to cut short his trip to the Democratic National Convention, as pressure mounted for him to stay home to try to avert Chicago’s first teachers strike in 25 years and stop the bloodshed on city streets."

"Apparently sensing an opportunity to muddy up the former White House chief of staff now serving as co-chairman of the Obama campaign, the Chicago Republican Party weighed in with a demand that Emanuel skip the convention altogether and stay home and put out the political bonfires burning at home."

Yesterday, the ChicagoGOP criticism made national news. Local media covered it, including a segment on CBS 2 News.


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Chicago GOP Calls on Mayor Emanuel to Cancel Speech; Lead City in Crisis

Mayor Emanuel is more focused on criticizing Mitt Romney than focusing on his constituents and two major issues impacting our city.

After the end of a violent and deadly two weeks in Chicago, during which more than 100 people were shot, the Mayor still managed to find the time to make an appearance on 'Meet the Press,' telling NBC's David Gregory that the outbreak of violence is "contained" and not a crisis.

Further, Chicago Public School teachers are preparing to strike next Monday, depriving city children of classroom learning time and potentially exacerbating this public safety crisis.

While violence rages in the streets of several Chicago neighborhoods and teachers threaten a walkout, our Mayor is paying attention to the wrong things. His actions tell all Chicagoans that he is simply too busy preparing for a speech in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention and helping President Obama get re-elected to be bothered with the job he was elected to do.

"The Chicago Republican Party calls upon Mayor Emanuel to cancel his DNC speech and provide immediate, visible and specific leadership to address the twin crises facing our city," said Adam Robinson, Chairman of the Chicago GOP.  "Given the immediacy of these issues, the mayor's focus on self-promotion and partisan grandstanding is totally unacceptable."


AP has picked up this story. It's getting nationwide attention. Hundreds of news outlets across the country are carrying the story. Here's one example.

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RNC 2012: Game on

Last night, Mitt Romney accepted the nomination as our party's candidate for President of the United States.

Now: game on.

Across America today, voters from all backgrounds are talking about Mitt's speech - the way he shared his family's past and humble roots, his clear and compelling contrast with our current President, his spot-on outreach to disappointed Obama independents. Romney nailed it, and we've got clear momentum.

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Chairman Adam Robinson recaps Day 4 of the 2012 RNC

The Illinois delegation began yesterday's morning session with an appearance from Speaker of the House, John Boehner.  Boehner was focused and very direct in his assessment of just how critical the Illinois congressional delegation is to protecting our majority in Congress.  We have 5 races that will, in all likelihood, decide whether or not we see Nancy Pelosi retake the Speaker's gavel.  Boehner's call for action in Illinois echoed yesterday's talk by former Speaker Denny Hastert.

Illinois really matters this November.

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Fox 32 Chicago to cut Romney's speech, air Obama's

Fox 32 Chicago has made the decision to air a Chicago Bears exhibition game instead of Governor Romney's speech at tonight's Republican National Convention. The station has also decided to air President Obama's speech in entirety during next week's Democratic National Convention.

The Chicago Republican Party urges Fox Chicago to reconsider this decision. It is fundamentally unfair to air one candidate's speech and not the other's. While it may have been a business decision, it feels like censorship.

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Chairman Robinson Reports on Day 3 from the 2012 RNC

The Illinois Delegation was excited for the third day of our time down here in Tampa, because Tuesday was the day when things really cranked into full gear.

The morning delegation meeting kicked off at 9am with remarks from IL Chairman Pat Brady, and an overview of the day's events and itinerary from State Treasurer Dan Rutherford.  We were delighted to hear from the morning's opening speaker, former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, who stressed for us the important of this election and spent time discussing the impact of election integrity (or lack thereof) in his loss to Al Franken in 2008.  Losing by just 100 or so votes, it was recently reported that over 1000 felons voted in that election, providing the margin of "victory" for now Senator Franken. 

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Chicago Republican Party: Christie is right, Chicago politicians are crooked

The Chicago Republican Party issued the following statement:

As reported by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey bashed Chicago politics today, saying that the "President is nothing more than a Chicago ward politician," and "We’ve had enough of Chicago ward politics in the Oval Office."

We're not insulted. Governor Christie is absolutely right. Here in Chicago, we watched with horror as Chicago Machine thuggery found its way into the White House.

In Chicago, ward politicians give favors to friends, deny business permits to political opponents, and demand campaign contributions from anyone who does business with the city. Pay-to-play is a way of life.

In Washington, the Obama administration gives Obamacare exemptions to its friends, sends billions in stimulus money to favored groups, hammers those who oppose Obamacare regulations with threats of government retaliation, and collects campaign contributions from those who get government payoffs. Pay-to-play is becoming a way of life.

We thank Governor Christie for calling it what it is.

Lynn Sweet's article:

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Chairman Robinson recaps Day 2 of the Convention

Despite having nearly all of the official RNC-scheduled agenda cancelled yesterday, the Illinois delegation still had an action-packed day!

Our delegation convened for our morning session with remarks from IL GOP Chairman Pat Brady, Treasurer Dan Rutherford, House Leader Tom Cross, and Senate Leader Christine Radogno.  The topic was Illinois politics and the message coming from party leadership was clear and consistent:  if we're going to change Illinois for the better, we need to fire Mike Madigan.  Optimism runs high this year as our state House and Senate candidates are giving us several solid pickup opportunities this November.

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Chairman Adam Robinson reports from Day 1 of the Republican National Convention

Day of the Republican National Convention was a busy one for the Illinois delegation.

After arriving throughout the day (some right before the storm hit!), we gathered at the hotel and set off for the opening event at Tropicana Field.  The kick-off event was nothing short of spectacular, with a live concert and performances from a variety of entertainers.  The Chicago GOP is well-represented here, with former Chairman Eloise Gerson serving as the Delegation Whip for our state, and a number of city-based delegates and alternates here in attendance.

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Cook GOP Launches Election Integrity Program

CHICAGO, IL – Cook County Republican Party Chairman Aaron Del Mar announced today the creation of the Cook County Election Integrity Committee. This committee, created in July, is focused on appointing Republican Election Judges to over 8000 Election Judge openings that must be filled before each election in Cook County and Chicago. About 40% of these positions have been vacant and remain to be filled before the November election.

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