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A Republican American Idol, Season 2

The Chicago Republican Party will launch a new candidate recruitment campaign tomorrow (Friday, March 7) entitled “A Republican American Idol, Season 2”. The campaign is designed to attract candidates to run for state legislature in the City of Chicago.

Last year, the Chicago GOP ran an “American Idol”-style process for recruiting and selecting candidates. The 150 people who responded were asked to fill out a questionnaire and then stand before a committee to make their case. 18 of them were approved and subsequently filed petitions to be on the ballot.

Chicago Republican Party Files an Unprecedented 18 Candidates

Tomorrow, the Chicago GOP will launch “Season 2” of the campaign. Under the law, the Republican Party can designate candidates to be on the ballot in districts that have vacancies. The process can officially begin after the primary. After the party has designated a candidate, the candidate must get 500 signatures on a petition before June 2, 2014.

“We’re determined to fill as many ballot positions as possible,” said Chicago GOP spokesman Chris Cleveland. “We recruited an outstanding crop of candidates in the last round, and we’re looking forward to meeting a new group of hopefuls.”

The campaign will consist of robocalls, emails, social media placements, and general press releases.

Click here to be a candidate.

Yes, there are black Republicans in Chicago

From the Chicago Reader:



A handful of Chicagoans will go to the polls on March 18 and do something remarkable: they will ask for a Republican ballot.

Only 15 percent of Chicago voters in the 2012 primaries went with the GOP. That was up from less than 9 percent in 2010.

In the city's African-American wards, a Republican vote is even more extraordinary. In 2010, for example, 5,700 Democratic ballots were cast in the 28th Ward on the west side—and just 50 Republican ballots. In the south-side 17th Ward, 7,193 voted Democratic and 58 voted Republican.

"With blacks, it's like, your mother was a Baptist, so you're a Baptist; your mother was a Democrat, so you're a Democrat," Darnell Macklin says.

Macklin hopes to help change this inclination. Since 2012 he's been the GOP committeeman of the 6th Ward, an office he won by amassing 62 votes, crushing his main opponent, Jackie Robinson, who got 29. "My true affinity has always been with the Republicans," Macklin says. "I've been thinking like one all my life. I came home in the last 15 years."



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